Journey to Healing Integrative Life Coaching is based in Genesee County, but meets with a multitude of clients from all over the world through virtual sessions.

As an intuitive and trauma informed life coach, Jessica offers one on one services with clients and guides and support them on their journey to inner healing and finding their true selves.

Jessica wanted a branding session that captured her love of nature and being in the elements, as well as her professional coaching sessions that she has built her business around. Working together, we touched on each level of her business- taking the first step, beginning your healing journey, consultations and the experience of a one on one session with Jessica.

What do you think? Did we manage to convey Jessica’s passion for people and walking them through healing in her branding photoshoot? Which photo is your favorite? Would love to hear your comments below! Check out her business here!

two women in coaching session smiling
woman sitting outdoors on steps
virtual coaching session with coach online
healing coach working on computer
shoes on brick stairs
smiling woman with hand held out
woman on lake with arms stretched out
healing coach meditating outdoors on stones with greenery
two women sitting in coaching session

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