[Will & Jaime Russell]

I’ve known the Fish family as long as I can remember. The bride’s little brother, Jason, was in my Kindergarten class and we went to school together until we hit college. Their family is joyful, kind hearted and well intended, and they’re all super funny. I was SO excited when I received a message from Jaime asking to work with her for her big day! I was delighted to get to see this marvelous family again.
I mean, just look at Jaime’s dad! He’s so proud. His smile was like this NON STOP on her wedding day. You could see how much joy he had that day from miles down the road.
IMG_3773IMG_3775Will greeted me warmly. I’d never met him, nor did I really know what he looked like- I just assumed that the one with the flower was the groom 🙂 He smiled big, he shook my hand and he greeted me kindly. Then we waited.
Jason is Jaime’s brother. Look at HIS smile. Everyone was so happy to be a part of this day. Both of their families just seemed so full of love, so happy to watch this union happen.IMG_3788IMG_3790IMG_3806
Can we just take a moment to drool over Jaime’s rings? I mean, gorgeous right?IMG_3865IMG_3868
Still drooling, sorry.IMG_3871IMG_7900IMG_7920
The Fish Family <3 IMG_7948
The Russell’sIMG_8041
The newest Russell’s!IMG_8047IMG_8061IMG_8091IMG_8177IMG_8182IMG_8189IMG_8320IMG_8388IMG_8389IMG_8391

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