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My photos this week will probably be different than expected. That’s because we didn’t have one millisecond of spare time over this holiday weekend.
We are in the process of putting two houses up for sale and hopefully soon, putting an offer on a new one. This weekend was D-Day. The weekend of all weekends for home projects. We didn’t have much help lined up and thank God for the friends who came to save us.
The weekend was spent re-siding the garage, power washing windows, cleaning up the yard, getting it mowed, tiny nieces running around, paint in nearly every room in the house, scrubbing windows, packing a LOT of boxes and moving them all over town, lots of pizza, more packing, staging rooms, scrubbing cabinets and scraping paint off floors. And Lord knows what else.
We are beat.
But our house is almost done! Here’s proof.
Incredibly grateful for my husband’s buddy Steve, who manned the garage. My husband’s oldest, who mowed, helped in the crawl space, did some deliveries for us, and sort of swooped in and saved the day yesterday. My sister in law, who painted for two days straight, my niece who scrubbed the pool I wanted nothing to do with. My dad who put new light switches in and replaced light fixtures, plus blanched a gazillion tomatoes for us. and of course, my husband. Who tirelessly worked early each morning into late each night. He managed all of us, kept order, worked hard, busted toes and fingers, and even his face.┬áThen he came home and watched our favorite show with me each night and did it all over again then next day. He’s a dream.
We still have a lot to do, but we are so much further along than I really could have imagined us when we started.
Here’s to selling homes! and sleep. we need a lot of sleep still.

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