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YOU GUYS, I’m so excited to share some highlights from Victor & Heather’s day! Their wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL.

I met Heather through her sister, Mandy- I had the privilege of being the videographer at her wedding last year. Mandy and her husband Shelby had an awesome bridal party, a lot of entertainment and FUN (including Heather) and so much excitement- I couldn’t have been more excited to be able to work with a crew like them again.

We met early in the day to capture both the men and women getting prepared for the day, my absolute favorite part of the day.

IMG_6600 (18).JPG


Aside from the gorgeous details…. I love that part, too.

IMG_6600 (22)IMG_6600 (23)IMG_6600 (73)

okay, even the ring box was gorgeous.IMG_6600 (76)IMG_6600 (78)

IMG_6600 (423)

IMG_6600 (978)IMG_6600 (998)IMG_6600 (103)
IMG_0429IMG_6600 (137)

LOVE this one of Victor



IMG_6600 (142)

Their ceremony was perfect. I’ve attended and photographed several weddings at Swan Valley Banquet Center and THIS wedding changed how I view the room they were married in. It was done so well, they set everything up perfectly. I can’t get over those giant windows in the background, too!


Do you just love her Wizard of Oz shoes? I LOVE them! They match so perfectly.

IMG_0684IMG_0688IMG_6600 (441)IMG_6600 (518)IMG_6600 (521)IMG_6600 (524)IMG_6600 (542)IMG_6600 (589)IMG_6600 (601)IMG_6600 (654)IMG_6600 (665)IMG_6600 (702)IMG_6600 (743)IMG_6600 (765)IMG_6600 (1005)IMG_6600 (1032)IMG_6600 (1100)IMG_6600 (1112)IMG_6600 (1133)
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Leichner! <3

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