Todd & Beth Welker

This wedding was a dream. So casual. So fun. So much happy <3
Todd, Beth and I met at a wedding this winter, we were tablemates. They started asking a few questions about what I do and seemed to be very intrigued, we spoke more via e-mail later and shortly after, contracts were signed and we were all excited to work together this summer.
Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Welker. Here’s a recap of your beautiful day, June 10, 2017.
This amazing arch was what Todd & his bride stood under as they received each other as husband and wife. Todd built this with his own two hands. It’s beautiful.IMG_8874IMG_8876IMG_8877IMG_8878IMG_8889IMG_8894IMG_8900
Grub Hubb Food Truck catered their meal and it was SO GOOD. How fun to have an on-site vendor at their celebration!IMG_8905IMG_8906IMG_8907IMG_8910IMG_8913
I told Beth that this farm land is my husband and I’s dream home. The barns, the silo, the open fields. I didn’t ever want to leave. IMG_8937IMG_8939IMG_8944IMG_8945IMG_8950IMG_8958IMG_8960
The kids & grandkids painted rocks and lined the aisle for Todd & Beth. IMG_8963IMG_8966IMG_8969IMG_9026-CopyIMG_9031-CopyIMG_9035-CopyIMG_9038-CopyIMG_9042-CopyIMG_9043-CopyIMG_9082-CopyIMG_9146-CopyIMG_9157-CopyIMG_9162-CopyIMG_9169IMG_9175IMG_9179
Congratulations, Todd & Beth, your ring photo has become my favorite one ever <3 IMG_9205IMG_9210IMG_9222IMG_9259IMG_9270IMG_9271IMG_9299IMG_9302
Todd & his Groom’s CakeIMG_9342IMG_9367IMG_9374
Congratulations, Todd & Beth. I have had so much fun working with you and can’t wait to meet up for senior photos soon! Your collection is on it’s way!

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  1. Oh my…so beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing all this for those of us who, under difficult circumstances, couldn’t make your very special day. Made me feel like I was there…a part of your ceremony. I LOVE the ring photos and the weather looked absolutely perfect for the perfect couple!! Love you both! Sherry Carlson

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