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[Colin + Allenna]

Winter wonderland is the perfect description for Colin & Allenna’s day. The weekend of the Wright Wedding, a snow storm hit Mid-Michigan, resulting in some stressful travel for some but gorgeous photos for the rest 🙂

I love the color scheme they chose- these deep colors look beautiful with one another.IMG_7775

IMG_7813Maids tending to their Bride!IMG_7823IMG_7845IMG_7849



IMG_7742.JPGIMG_7982IMG_7992IMG_8037IMG_8044Allenna wore her mother’s wedding dress, which was worn before her- here Allenna stands with the previous brides’ bridal photos.



Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Wright!



[victor & heather]

YOU GUYS, I’m so excited to share some highlights from Victor & Heather’s day! Their wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL.

I met Heather through her sister, Mandy- I had the privilege of being the videographer at her wedding last year. Mandy and her husband Shelby had an awesome bridal party, a lot of entertainment and FUN (including Heather) and so much excitement- I couldn’t have been more excited to be able to work with a crew like them again.

We met early in the day to capture both the men and women getting prepared for the day, my absolute favorite part of the day.

IMG_6600 (18).JPG


Aside from the gorgeous details…. I love that part, too.

IMG_6600 (22)IMG_6600 (23)IMG_6600 (73)

okay, even the ring box was gorgeous.IMG_6600 (76)IMG_6600 (78)

IMG_6600 (423)

IMG_6600 (978)IMG_6600 (998)IMG_6600 (103)
IMG_0429IMG_6600 (137)

LOVE this one of Victor



IMG_6600 (142)

Their ceremony was perfect. I’ve attended and photographed several weddings at Swan Valley Banquet Center and THIS wedding changed how I view the room they were married in. It was done so well, they set everything up perfectly. I can’t get over those giant windows in the background, too!


Do you just love her Wizard of Oz shoes? I LOVE them! They match so perfectly.

IMG_0684IMG_0688IMG_6600 (441)IMG_6600 (518)IMG_6600 (521)IMG_6600 (524)IMG_6600 (542)IMG_6600 (589)IMG_6600 (601)IMG_6600 (654)IMG_6600 (665)IMG_6600 (702)IMG_6600 (743)IMG_6600 (765)IMG_6600 (1005)IMG_6600 (1032)IMG_6600 (1100)IMG_6600 (1112)IMG_6600 (1133)
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Leichner! <3


[Will & Jaime Russell]

I’ve known the Fish family as long as I can remember. The bride’s little brother, Jason, was in my Kindergarten class and we went to school together until we hit college. Their family is joyful, kind hearted and well intended, and they’re all super funny. I was SO excited when I received a message from Jaime asking to work with her for her big day! I was delighted to get to see this marvelous family again.
I mean, just look at Jaime’s dad! He’s so proud. His smile was like this NON STOP on her wedding day. You could see how much joy he had that day from miles down the road.
IMG_3773IMG_3775Will greeted me warmly. I’d never met him, nor did I really know what he looked like- I just assumed that the one with the flower was the groom 🙂 He smiled big, he shook my hand and he greeted me kindly. Then we waited.
Jason is Jaime’s brother. Look at HIS smile. Everyone was so happy to be a part of this day. Both of their families just seemed so full of love, so happy to watch this union happen.IMG_3788IMG_3790IMG_3806
Can we just take a moment to drool over Jaime’s rings? I mean, gorgeous right?IMG_3865IMG_3868
Still drooling, sorry.IMG_3871IMG_7900IMG_7920
The Fish Family <3 IMG_7948
The Russell’sIMG_8041
The newest Russell’s!IMG_8047IMG_8061IMG_8091IMG_8177IMG_8182IMG_8189IMG_8320IMG_8388IMG_8389IMG_8391

To view Will & Jaime’s entire collection and to purchase prints, click here


[ Craig & Jackie Rockey ]

Craig and Jackie are a sweet, simple couple who know how to throw an awesome party. They are bat biologists and aren’t nearly as nerdy as that sounds ( 😉 ). They both have giant hearts and even bigger smiles, their ceremony was overwhelming with love and excitement for these two.


Jackie hand made these necklace, bracelet & earring sets for her bridesmaids.IMG_2734IMG_2739
Jackie’s brother, Danny, put his skill set to use and did an amazing job on her make up and hair for her big day!IMG_0109IMG_0138IMG_0140IMG_0100


Jackie and Craig both live in Pennsylvania, while Craig is from the Mitten, he has recently moved to be with his bride. IMG_0161IMG_0212

IMG_2821IMG_2826IMG_2828IMG_2830Every detail turned out to be stunning.


Their ring Bear was SO COOL.IMG_3020IMG_3043

If this isn’t the most beautiful Michigan backdrop, I don’t know what is. I love this harvesty, fall frame.


The environmental center has a giant pond behind the hall. Beneath it, you’ll find this bubble. During the day time you can go in and observe, but we got in pretty late and the guide warned us that it was a little murky and hard to see through. I still think we nailed these shots, don’t you? IMG_0166IMG_2756IMG_2758IMG_2761
Craig & Jackie provided scrapbook materials for family and friends to help create a photo memory book. Guests took selfies and placed them in the book with plenty of doodles and fun messages at their side.

IMG_0178 IMG_2782

And they had live fish at some of the tables, so that was pretty neatIMG_2789IMG_2797IMG_3051IMG_3173IMG_3220IMG_3635IMG_3654IMG_3681IMG_3684IMG_3687

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Rockey! Thank you so much for choosing {ewp!} I had a BLAST and was so blessed to be part of your day.
View more of their collection and make purchases here: Rockey Wedding


John & Karen Roth

Okay guys. I’m real sorry. I got super behind and this should have been posted this a billion years ago. But alas, here we are.
John & Karen’s day started out, well, wet! Remember the massive flooding we had in June? Their wedding took place right in the middle of it! Family members from across the country and state were in town, some were threatened to not be able to leave their hotels due to the high waters and dangers, some trucked their way through unsafe waters, and some, like the Bride and Groom, faced many detours on their way to the church. John & Karen came through the doors at 11:00AM- when the ceremony was scheduled to start. The entire guest list laughed and reminded them that there was no starting the ceremony without them, and then we began.
I met Karen a few years ago, I’m not sure she remembers me as a student- but I always, ALWAYS tried to work with her when it came to accounting. I was a struggling student and the formulas never made sense to me, but Karen can explain these things as simply as anything.
When I started working for Delta in the coffee shop, Karen would come in and talk to us girls most mornings as she refilled her coffee cup. She showed off her engagement ring and smiled from ear to ear as she shared her wedding details. I sort of teased her with the idea of having me as her photographer and at first, she brushed it off.
A few months went by, I actually left my position at Delta and my husband, who also worked for the school, connected with her and told me she was interested.
I was so excited to work with Karen and get to offer her something, since she had done so much for me in my academic career.
John & Karen, I hope you love your wedding collection <3
IMG_0020IMG_0033Big smiles all around as rings are exchanged.
These sweet little girls harmonized perfectly as they sang to Karen & John- they sounded AMAZING! IMG_0047IMG_0092IMG_0096IMG_0180I wish you many years of wedded bliss and a happy retirement!


Todd & Beth Welker

This wedding was a dream. So casual. So fun. So much happy <3
Todd, Beth and I met at a wedding this winter, we were tablemates. They started asking a few questions about what I do and seemed to be very intrigued, we spoke more via e-mail later and shortly after, contracts were signed and we were all excited to work together this summer.
Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Welker. Here’s a recap of your beautiful day, June 10, 2017.
This amazing arch was what Todd & his bride stood under as they received each other as husband and wife. Todd built this with his own two hands. It’s beautiful.IMG_8874IMG_8876IMG_8877IMG_8878IMG_8889IMG_8894IMG_8900
Grub Hubb Food Truck catered their meal and it was SO GOOD. How fun to have an on-site vendor at their celebration!IMG_8905IMG_8906IMG_8907IMG_8910IMG_8913
I told Beth that this farm land is my husband and I’s dream home. The barns, the silo, the open fields. I didn’t ever want to leave. IMG_8937IMG_8939IMG_8944IMG_8945IMG_8950IMG_8958IMG_8960
The kids & grandkids painted rocks and lined the aisle for Todd & Beth. IMG_8963IMG_8966IMG_8969IMG_9026-CopyIMG_9031-CopyIMG_9035-CopyIMG_9038-CopyIMG_9042-CopyIMG_9043-CopyIMG_9082-CopyIMG_9146-CopyIMG_9157-CopyIMG_9162-CopyIMG_9169IMG_9175IMG_9179
Congratulations, Todd & Beth, your ring photo has become my favorite one ever <3 IMG_9205IMG_9210IMG_9222IMG_9259IMG_9270IMG_9271IMG_9299IMG_9302
Todd & his Groom’s CakeIMG_9342IMG_9367IMG_9374
Congratulations, Todd & Beth. I have had so much fun working with you and can’t wait to meet up for senior photos soon! Your collection is on it’s way!




1. How would you describe your photography style?
I have a photojournalistic style of shooting and a classic look. This means that I will follow you throughout your big day to capture all of the little details that you worked endlessly to perfect. It allows me to capture the small moments, the personal ad intimate glances, as well as the most exciting, dramatic parts of the day! I strive to capture a timeless look, so that you and your new spouse will be able to treasure your collection for years to come. I was taught on film and combine that knowledge with the ways that I have learned digital photography over the years, to ensure that you receive the best memories from your day.

2. Can I see the proofs for a full wedding you have shot? 
Certainly! Check out and login to the client area to view my most recent collections.

3. What kinds of photo edits/post-production work do you include as part of your service?
The images in my portfolio and on my website will give you a good idea of what our editing looks like.

4. How long after the wedding can I expect to see my proofs?
Your entire gallery is guaranteed to be delivered in 6 weeks or less, post wedding. I strive to deliver my images promptly, since I know how excited you will be to see your day in review! I try my hardest to post sneak peaks via social media within 72 hours.

5. Could you explain exactly what is included in your package(s), and can we customize one to fit our needs?
Of course! Each one of my packages is custom built to meet your needs. Each package is based on hours of coverage + location, so we will work together to find what is best for your special day.

6. How much would it be for additional hours of coverage if things run late or if our plans change?
I charge $125/hour for additional hours of coverage.

8. Do your packages include a second photographer?
A second photographer can be added for $100/hour.

9. Can I see a contract?
Yes! I’ll be happy to show you what my standard contract looks like, and you will be able to thoroughly review your own specific contract before you sign or pay.

10. What is your policy if you become injured or ill and can’t photograph the wedding?
There are two possibilities in this situation, both of which are explained in my contract. The first is that I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. I have a wide acquaintance with the talented and dedicated photography community in my area, and I am confident that I could find a replacement who would do an excellent job. The second option is: if you don’t wish me to find a replacement, I will refund your payment so that you can make alternate arrangements.


What other questions do you have? Feel free to leave comments below and I will do my best to respond to each one!


Tyler + Amanda Jablonski

May 27, 2017

For starters, Amanda and I have been around each other for years, but her wedding day was the most time we’d ever spent with one another. We’ve passed messages back and forth for some activities that we are both involved in but just never had the opportunity to really connect. I am so thankful that Tyler & Amanda made the call to have a videographer at their wedding (and that it was me!). I say this because now, I can truly see the passion that Amanda has in her heart and the natural joy that flows from her. I am so happy to know that she is one of the driving forces behind the District Youth group that she serves on and that my own kids might have the joy of being under her guidance.

The entirety of the day was exciting- walking in to meet all of the girls in their matching robes and with their hair all done, all full of excitement. Each girl was full smiles. They each had built relationships with Amanda from different paths and were all so proud and excited to stand with her. It was so fun to watch them see her in her wedding dress for the first time and to watch them adorn her with wedding day jewelry. The bridesmaids were in floor length plum dresses and they rocked it!


My very favorite part of the day was when Mr. Thomas came in to see his daughter. He was smiling from ear to ear before he even walked in the room. He embraced her with a hug when he first saw her and couldn’t stop saying how proud he was. Then he found his wife and they stood in the doorway holding on to each other, saying “Well, at least we know we did one thing right.” They were so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t handle it. My favorite thing to see is seasoned love- from couples who have been together for years and still look at each other with the same dreamy eyes I imagine they looked at each other with when they were kids. I can’t help it. and I hope to be that when my husband and I have been together for 20 years!



I loved Tyler & Amanda’s first look- Tyler’s immediate reaction to hug his bride and how sweet they were when they finally got to chat. Their love is so pure- it’s sweet and genuine, it’s obvious that they were made for one another once you’ve talked to them for just a few minutes. The entire day, both bride and groom were ecstatic. Their smiles told their story- the way they’d each sneak glimpses of the other one. I am so grateful to have been a part of this day!

Congratulations, Tyler & Amanda- I wish you the best!



Vendors of Tyler & Amanda’s big day:



Austin + Sammy Dawson

Friday, June 2, 2017
Austin + Sammy- I just want to send a special “Thank You!” for allowing {ewp} to be a part of your special day! Dan and I had such a great time getting to know the both of you and your bridal party. From the moment we walked in and Hannah Montana was blaring while the girls put the finishing touches of make up on to the touching moments at dinner, when Best Man, Alex, shared sentimental stories with you- it was an honor to be a part of your day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, for a more cooperative group (or silly one, for that matter!)  Continue reading “Austin + Sammy Dawson”