[victor & heather]

YOU GUYS, I’m so excited to share some highlights from Victor & Heather’s day! Their wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL.

I met Heather through her sister, Mandy- I had the privilege of being the videographer at her wedding last year. Mandy and her husband Shelby had an awesome bridal party, a lot of entertainment and FUN (including Heather) and so much excitement- I couldn’t have been more excited to be able to work with a crew like them again.

We met early in the day to capture both the men and women getting prepared for the day, my absolute favorite part of the day.

IMG_6600 (18).JPG


Aside from the gorgeous details…. I love that part, too.

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okay, even the ring box was gorgeous.IMG_6600 (76)IMG_6600 (78)

IMG_6600 (423)

IMG_6600 (978)IMG_6600 (998)IMG_6600 (103)
IMG_0429IMG_6600 (137)

LOVE this one of Victor



IMG_6600 (142)

Their ceremony was perfect. I’ve attended and photographed several weddings at Swan Valley Banquet Center and THIS wedding changed how I view the room they were married in. It was done so well, they set everything up perfectly. I can’t get over those giant windows in the background, too!


Do you just love her Wizard of Oz shoes? I LOVE them! They match so perfectly.

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Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Leichner! <3


[Matt & Nicole Reinke]

Matt & Nicole were married in Mt Pleasant, MI this past August. Their day was GORGEOUS. The sun was beaming down, there was barely a cloud in the sky- the guests were full of love. They had amazing musicians and everything came together so beautifully, I was so happy to be a part of their day! Here’s a few photos of their day:
You’re probably wondering about this pig that keeps showing up. Us too. We were in the middle of taking our final pictures and doing some fun things for the video and someone looked over to see this guy playing in the yard. He didn’t belong to the Bride or Groom.. their faithful photographer walked him home a few houses down the road. We couldn’t help but capture this funny little instance.
Check out their video here: