Friday Photos

Friday Photos

I can’t even begin to tell you about what a whirlwind this week has been.

Last weekend we (my husband) drove through the night to get to Missouri and surprise the boys at Six Flags in Eureka. We spent the day there and then made our way up to Morse Mill, Missouri for the eclipse.

We found ourselves in some random little park with about 35 other people there. We played in the river, the boys swung from tree ropes, and we saw a total eclipse. And it was SO COOL.


We spent a lot of the day in Morse Mill and then eventually made our way to Springfield, IL. We stopped in a weird little diner and found a hotel later. The next morning we stopped at Abe Lincoln’s Museum and I cried 3 times but it was really cool. We made it home around midnight Tuesday night. I’m still sleepy.
Here’s some fun little flowery photos, too!