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Owen & Leigha Tosh- Adoption

I’ve had an awesome opportunity to work with Owen and Leigha Tosh over the years. We’ve been friends for nearly a decade and I’ve been lucky enough to be the one to capture some exciting times in their life together: engagement, wedding and now, adoption.
Please feel free to share their story on your timeline, as an act of hope of connecting them with their future child.
Here’s their story:
“Owen & Leigha’s choice to adopt is different from many other stories you may have heard. When preparing for marriage, they both shared their excitement to adopt some day. It wasn’t a question of if, but of when. Now that they have been married for several years, both have jobs they love, and have settled into a comfortable house, the time seems perfect for growing their family. Adoption is their first choice, rather than plan B. The Tosh’s adopted child will be the baby that makes them parents and they are truly honored that they will have been hand-chosen by his or her birth family specifically for the job of being parents.
Leigha & Owen are so ready to be parents.They can’t wait to travel and show off the beauty of this earth. Laughing and being silly are already things that they specialize in—they’re are so excited to be able to share their joy and zeal for life with a child. They are already convinced that the child God has for them will be a perfect fit into not only their family, but with grandparents and extended family as well.
They met through their church in Saginaw, MI. Owen had recently moved back to the area, and Leigha was working on her Master’s degree. They saw each other at church, but didn’t formally introduce themselves until after a game of ultimate frisbee with the college ministry.
One weekend, when Leigha’s usual friends were out of town, Owen offered to make a casual dinner and they watched a movie together. Owen offered to make dinner again, and Leigha came back. This pattern continued for a few months until Owen finally asked Leigha on a proper date. With that, they moved beyond “just friends.” One year later, Owen proposed, and a year and a half after that, they were married.

Their house is nestled in a small wooded area of Saginaw. More than just a place to sleep, it has
become a hub for their college ministry, gatherings of friends, and a landing pad for out-of-town guests. Everyone is welcome, and they’ll always do their best to make visitors comfortable. Over the years, they have opened their home to friends and family for both short- and long-term stays. Now they can hardly wait to open their home to little ones and make new memories.

It is Owen & Leigha’s desire to see their children come to know Jesus and commit their lives to Him. Throughout the lives of their children, they as their parents will continue to grow in their relationships with God, growing in love for each other, themselves, family, and others. They hope to teach their children by example that although they struggle against their sinful nature, they have Christ as their ambassador to God the Father and they can lean on Him throughout their entire lives. They pray that when their children are old enough to decide for themselves to accept Jesus as their lord and savior that they will do so.
As Owen & Leigha raise their children, they will continue to be involved with their local church community, surrounding the children with adults who are good examples of Christ.They as parents, along with the church community, will provide them with continual support and teaching, even as the Spirit continues to teach Owen & Leigha, in order for them to grow in their relationships with God as His disciples.

(Moose is also ready to be a big brother)

Things to be praying about:
-Their birthmomma and expectant family – choosing adoption for your little one is a hard decision for anyone to make even when she knows it is the best decision
-For the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and safety of their birthmomma and baby
-Pray for their birthmomma to grow closer to God in this process
-For Leigha and Owen as they prepare their home, hearts, and finances”
Their adoption fundraiser page can be found here:


[baby wash turns 1!]

Everyone, please welcome the McLaren Family. More specifically, baby Washington. I got to celebrate his FIRST birthday with him by taking these photos and I loved every second. IMG_6760IMG_6761IMG_6767IMG_6775IMG_6779IMG_6782IMG_6802IMG_6814IMG_6816IMG_6830IMG_6834IMG_6835IMG_9409What a little ham! Thanks for letting me celebrate and capture this time with you!
Happy Birthday, Wash!

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[Colton & Courtney]

Okay, I’m going to include two photo shoots here because they’re very connected. Colton & Courtney and I met when my pup, Lyla, was diagnosed with heartworm and I was hosting a fundraiser for her ([Sit. Stay. Smile. – Photos for Lyla]),  you’ll see their baby announcement there. But I just want to highlight them and feature BOTH sessions here!


1 (1)1 (5)1 (14a)IMG_1359

On to the maternity photos. This session holds a huge place in my heart because it’s the FIRST ONE I had the opportunity to shoot on our new farm. I’ve been dying to take this Christmas tree photo and what can I say, I think we nailed it!IMG_6758IMG_6766IMG_6772

I still can’t believe they took their hands out of their pockets on this seven degree day!IMG_6785IMG_6794IMG_6800IMG_6806

Congratulations, Colton & Courtney! I’m so excited for you and your baby boy!


Mommy and Me

[Hunter & Heather]

Hunter and Heather showed up at my house decked out in skirts with frills and cowgirl boots, we’d been talking about this “mommy and me” shoot for a long time and it was exciting to see it finally come together.

Heather and I have known each other since we were 12 years old, we sat close in 7th grade science and have been friends ever since. We’ve seen each other in a lot of highs and too many lows, driven hundreds of miles together, sang loudly to ridiculous songs, gone to homecoming dances and proms together, witnessed weddings and driven out of state to celebrate new babies. Heather is one of my closest friends and she’s blessed me to be the Godmother to her girl. I’m so grateful for her and Hunter.


That little ginger smile <3 <3 IMG_4683IMG_4685IMG_4699IMG_4713IMG_4720IMG_4729IMG_4749

We just sort of found this little gate and it fit Hunter PERFECTLY.IMG_4753IMG_4758IMG_4769IMG_4806

My girl!IMG_4775

To view more of Hunter & Heather’s collection and to shop their album, click here



O is for Olivia

Olivia is 3 years old and really loves to take the lead. She is full of silliness, dance moves and lots of sass. When I first arrived, she was shy of me but by the end, she told me we were best buds. We walked through the park, played on the swings, blew bubbles and pretended she had two castles of her own. Here’s a small recap of our August morning.

View her full gallery here: Olivia is 3


John & Karen Roth

Okay guys. I’m real sorry. I got super behind and this should have been posted this a billion years ago. But alas, here we are.
John & Karen’s day started out, well, wet! Remember the massive flooding we had in June? Their wedding took place right in the middle of it! Family members from across the country and state were in town, some were threatened to not be able to leave their hotels due to the high waters and dangers, some trucked their way through unsafe waters, and some, like the Bride and Groom, faced many detours on their way to the church. John & Karen came through the doors at 11:00AM- when the ceremony was scheduled to start. The entire guest list laughed and reminded them that there was no starting the ceremony without them, and then we began.
I met Karen a few years ago, I’m not sure she remembers me as a student- but I always, ALWAYS tried to work with her when it came to accounting. I was a struggling student and the formulas never made sense to me, but Karen can explain these things as simply as anything.
When I started working for Delta in the coffee shop, Karen would come in and talk to us girls most mornings as she refilled her coffee cup. She showed off her engagement ring and smiled from ear to ear as she shared her wedding details. I sort of teased her with the idea of having me as her photographer and at first, she brushed it off.
A few months went by, I actually left my position at Delta and my husband, who also worked for the school, connected with her and told me she was interested.
I was so excited to work with Karen and get to offer her something, since she had done so much for me in my academic career.
John & Karen, I hope you love your wedding collection <3
IMG_0020IMG_0033Big smiles all around as rings are exchanged.
These sweet little girls harmonized perfectly as they sang to Karen & John- they sounded AMAZING! IMG_0047IMG_0092IMG_0096IMG_0180I wish you many years of wedded bliss and a happy retirement!


[Sit. Stay. Smile. – Photos for Lyla]

Here’s a small recap of my busy weekend!
I spent Saturday afternoon at Immerman Park in Saginaw and Sunday in Bridgeport + Frankenmuth capturing all of these great images (and more!)
Click on the photos to view more of their collection.

Courtney + Colton are celebrating their brand new pregnancy and needed some help telling their friends! 20626639_1491412547579003_4262708090332013181_o20689926_1491412620912329_6180156166713920526_o

Susan and Earnest are celebrating their engagement! To be married next year on Mackinaw Island with their closest family and friends. It was so fun to meet this couple!


Heather and mom, Jane participated in a super fun and giggly Mother + Daughter shoot. Heather is a fur mama and dog lover. Momma Jane is excited to be able to soon take photos with her husband of 52 years- I look forward to working with them!20638741_1491442464242678_281273243707808659_n20664042_1491442500909341_5608524675429492892_n

Rian and Eddie are also celebrating their engagement and 2018 September wedding. I cannot wait to be their wedding day photographer. I met Rian my first year in college and she has been one of my greatest friends since then. I’ve only known Eddie for a short while, but I love how happy he seems to make Rian. I can’t wait to see where this life takes the future Dillow’s!


Hannah and her pup, Bear, came to play on Sunday. We met at Frankenmuth’s Wooden Covered Bridge and tried to wait out the storm. The clouds rolled in and we heard thunder crack, so I am grateful that we captured so many great shots of them! Bear was excited to see all of the tourists and he received lots of head pats from passerbys.


Finally, my sweet friend Whitney and her pup, Decker. Decker fears storms and has a hard time in severe weather. Whitney arrived while it was already raining and Hannah & I had already taken cover. Whitney, Decker and I ran for the trees and tried to capture some images before it got too nasty, but there was no letting up. I do love this frame of Whit and her pup. We are planning to have a make up date for this shoot. I’ve known Whitney since early high school and was so happy to see her again!


A serious thank you to each of you who participated in Sit. Stay. Smile. YOU are saving my pup. This weekend we raised almost $400!!! The first appointment for Lyla’s treatment was just over $500, so needless to say that’s AMAZING! My family is so grateful.

I hope that you’ll consider using us for future photo opportunities down the road. EWP offers Engagement | Wedding | Family | Milestone | Event | Headshots and more!
See their entire collections here: Sit. Stay. Smile.
(and Lyla)