Friday Photos

[workshop weekend]

I’d love to share some awesome images from the workshop I held this past weekend, but I’ve vowed to only share these within my private BOUDOIR GROUP.
This group consists of lovers of photography & mostly of women gifting intimate images for their fiance’s and husbands. The most common theme is that there are tons of women here who are learning to see themselves in a new way- many who never have felt the way society describes “sexy” and don’t know how to depict it. Many women are seeing themselves in a new, beautiful way- and that’s the entire purpose of this group. Empowering and uplifting women, encouraging them to love themselves NOW and to do something fun with it.
From a post I’d shared in my private group:

“My name is Emily, I have owned and operated EWP for just under 6 years and have specialized in weddings & family sessions. I’m a wife, an assistant project manager, and a step mom.
Many of my clients over the years have asked for boudoir and I shyed away, letting nerves and ‘the unknown’ keep me away.
Until just recently when I turned away my last boudoir seeking bride. I decided to give it a whirl and THEN decide if it was a love/hate thing.
Well. It’s love. Working with women and watching them grow in confidence and come out of their shell is an amazing feeling. In my boudoir sessions, it’s all about you. The angles you love, even the angles you hate. We’ll work together to show off how truly beautiful you really are and will have a work of art at the end. I hosted my first (but definitely not last) Boudoir Workshop on Saturday and had SO MUCH FUN with all my girls. I can’t wait for the next one.”

My best friend, Heather, (from this post) accompanied me on Saturday and worked as my Glam Squad. She prepped everyone with make up and great hair and then sent them on to me. We’re planning Workshops Number 2 and 3 right now!
I’m so excited to see how many people have jumped on board this week. I’m so excited to be receiving messages and to have booked yet ANOTHER session this week- and that she came by referral from one of my Workshop Bombshells.
Bombshells? Why Bombshells? First lets look at what Webster tells us that word means:
Get it? Is there any other word that fits more perfectly? I’m adorning each of my Workshop gals as #ewpbombshells to find yet another way to compliment these beauties, to give them a title of pride, a word of confidence. My girls ARE bombshells and they don’t need my photo sessions to prove it- but I’m so glad they have them.
All I can tell you is that this weekend was so much fun and the affirmation I’ve received in these past 6 days has been uplifting and entirely unexpected.
When my girls left, here’s some of the comments I heard:
“That was SO FUN”
“I can actually look sexy?”
“I can’t wait to show him these!”
If you’re a lady looking for a group filled with self-love & empowerment, join my group.
If you’re a photographer looking for tips, advice & ideas- shoot me a message, we’ll make this work!
I can’t wait to see this group grow. I’m so excited for what this might bring to my fun little business.