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Create stunning photos with one-click, easy to use photo filters! With the addition of the EWP Preset Suite, you’ll be one-click away from beautifully enhanced photos using Adobe Lightroom! Purchase individually or grab all four, this Suite is perfect for bloggers, influencers, or those just wanting to make their everyday photos liven up! Simply tap and drag sliders to adjust light and color, apply photo filters for pictures and more from anywhere you can access Lightroom. Breathe life into your photo editing with these unique photography tools.

Each preset is fully adjustable and customizable. Increase or decrease slider of tint Play around with exposure and highlights. All results from this Suite works differently with each image, based on colors, tones, lighting etc. of the original image. After applying the presets, make sure to play around with temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks to achieve the perfect result.

Due to the nature of the product – Digital Download – all sales are final. Please read all product information carefully before making a purchase. We are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the listing prior to purchase.


The EWP Preset Suite is available for personal and commercial use, however, is not available for reselling.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be sure to get back to you promptly.


[2017 in Review]

2017! Thank you all SO MUCH for following me this year! I have had a blast! As you can see, EWP was a LOT busier this year than ever before and I’m SO THANKFUL for each of you. Babies, products, headshots, weddings, dogs, boudoir- so much fun. I can’t wait until 2018! Here’s a little review of the year <3

Here’s a little breakdown:
Events: 2
Product: 3
Seniors: 2
Babies: 2
Weddings: 10
Headshots: 1
Maternity: 2
Pets: 2
In 2017 I accomplished so many things with this business..
-I did a baby photo shoot that I was PROUD of. We spent a lot of time working together and had no time constraints, so his shoot turned out awesome (in my opinion..).
-I shot a dreamy winter wonderland wedding (bucket list!)
-I participated in multiple fundraisers as a vendor
-I branched out and did two types of photography I’ve never experimented with before: Product & boudoir.
-I got to watch a ballerina dance in the streets of Saginaw and capture it for her senior photos (didn’t know it was on my bucket list but… BUCKET LIST!)
-I built my own website and kept with it (most of the time 😉 )
-I added over 200 people to my business page and now have almost 200 in my private boudoir group!
-I hired an assistant who is reliable and ready to learn
-I gathered a Glam Squad for my boudoir workshops, some beautiful, hardworking women who can’t wait to help make my Bombshells to feel great and look great!
-I had to say NO to new clients because my plate was full or dates were already booked. There are no words for having to decline an invitation to photograph a wedding when you are already booked.
-I had inquiries from people I’ve never met and didn’t have any mutual friends with
-I got my own office and work space!
-I entered 2018 with PRE BOOKED weddings, events & sessions- not a blank slate.
I am so incredibly thankful for EWP and the people who support it. I LOVE what I do and love learning with you. I love experimenting behind the lens and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I love seeing people come alive behind the camera and capturing what’s happening in real time. I love my job and it’s all thanks to YOU!
Happy New Year!
What’s your biggest accomplishment from 2017?

Friday Photos

[workshop weekend]

I’d love to share some awesome images from the workshop I held this past weekend, but I’ve vowed to only share these within my private BOUDOIR GROUP.
This group consists of lovers of photography & mostly of women gifting intimate images for their fiance’s and husbands. The most common theme is that there are tons of women here who are learning to see themselves in a new way- many who never have felt the way society describes “sexy” and don’t know how to depict it. Many women are seeing themselves in a new, beautiful way- and that’s the entire purpose of this group. Empowering and uplifting women, encouraging them to love themselves NOW and to do something fun with it.
From a post I’d shared in my private group:

“My name is Emily, I have owned and operated EWP for just under 6 years and have specialized in weddings & family sessions. I’m a wife, an assistant project manager, and a step mom.
Many of my clients over the years have asked for boudoir and I shyed away, letting nerves and ‘the unknown’ keep me away.
Until just recently when I turned away my last boudoir seeking bride. I decided to give it a whirl and THEN decide if it was a love/hate thing.
Well. It’s love. Working with women and watching them grow in confidence and come out of their shell is an amazing feeling. In my boudoir sessions, it’s all about you. The angles you love, even the angles you hate. We’ll work together to show off how truly beautiful you really are and will have a work of art at the end. I hosted my first (but definitely not last) Boudoir Workshop on Saturday and had SO MUCH FUN with all my girls. I can’t wait for the next one.”

My best friend, Heather, (from this post) accompanied me on Saturday and worked as my Glam Squad. She prepped everyone with make up and great hair and then sent them on to me. We’re planning Workshops Number 2 and 3 right now!
I’m so excited to see how many people have jumped on board this week. I’m so excited to be receiving messages and to have booked yet ANOTHER session this week- and that she came by referral from one of my Workshop Bombshells.
Bombshells? Why Bombshells? First lets look at what Webster tells us that word means:
Get it? Is there any other word that fits more perfectly? I’m adorning each of my Workshop gals as #ewpbombshells to find yet another way to compliment these beauties, to give them a title of pride, a word of confidence. My girls ARE bombshells and they don’t need my photo sessions to prove it- but I’m so glad they have them.
All I can tell you is that this weekend was so much fun and the affirmation I’ve received in these past 6 days has been uplifting and entirely unexpected.
When my girls left, here’s some of the comments I heard:
“That was SO FUN”
“I can actually look sexy?”
“I can’t wait to show him these!”
If you’re a lady looking for a group filled with self-love & empowerment, join my group.
If you’re a photographer looking for tips, advice & ideas- shoot me a message, we’ll make this work!
I can’t wait to see this group grow. I’m so excited for what this might bring to my fun little business.


[Sit. Stay. Smile. – Photos for Lyla]

Here’s a small recap of my busy weekend!
I spent Saturday afternoon at Immerman Park in Saginaw and Sunday in Bridgeport + Frankenmuth capturing all of these great images (and more!)
Click on the photos to view more of their collection.

Courtney + Colton are celebrating their brand new pregnancy and needed some help telling their friends! 20626639_1491412547579003_4262708090332013181_o20689926_1491412620912329_6180156166713920526_o

Susan and Earnest are celebrating their engagement! To be married next year on Mackinaw Island with their closest family and friends. It was so fun to meet this couple!


Heather and mom, Jane participated in a super fun and giggly Mother + Daughter shoot. Heather is a fur mama and dog lover. Momma Jane is excited to be able to soon take photos with her husband of 52 years- I look forward to working with them!20638741_1491442464242678_281273243707808659_n20664042_1491442500909341_5608524675429492892_n

Rian and Eddie are also celebrating their engagement and 2018 September wedding. I cannot wait to be their wedding day photographer. I met Rian my first year in college and she has been one of my greatest friends since then. I’ve only known Eddie for a short while, but I love how happy he seems to make Rian. I can’t wait to see where this life takes the future Dillow’s!


Hannah and her pup, Bear, came to play on Sunday. We met at Frankenmuth’s Wooden Covered Bridge and tried to wait out the storm. The clouds rolled in and we heard thunder crack, so I am grateful that we captured so many great shots of them! Bear was excited to see all of the tourists and he received lots of head pats from passerbys.


Finally, my sweet friend Whitney and her pup, Decker. Decker fears storms and has a hard time in severe weather. Whitney arrived while it was already raining and Hannah & I had already taken cover. Whitney, Decker and I ran for the trees and tried to capture some images before it got too nasty, but there was no letting up. I do love this frame of Whit and her pup. We are planning to have a make up date for this shoot. I’ve known Whitney since early high school and was so happy to see her again!


A serious thank you to each of you who participated in Sit. Stay. Smile. YOU are saving my pup. This weekend we raised almost $400!!! The first appointment for Lyla’s treatment was just over $500, so needless to say that’s AMAZING! My family is so grateful.

I hope that you’ll consider using us for future photo opportunities down the road. EWP offers Engagement | Wedding | Family | Milestone | Event | Headshots and more!
See their entire collections here: Sit. Stay. Smile.
(and Lyla)