Anthony + Raelynne

IMG_1151Raelynne & I have known each other for years. We used to do school photography together and travel around the state for hours on end. We handed out hundreds of combs and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we would have to say “Point your toes towards the lights and your face toward me. No! Not like that. Here, watch me!” We packed our cases as tight as we could, we got lost, we shared hotel rooms and spent a lot of time together- it was always great to be scheduled with Raelynne!


So when she, a fellow photographer, asked me to be her wedding day photographer, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I’ve watched her fall in love and watched her deal with a lot of life’s ups and downs, so it felt great to be fortunate enough to join her closest friends and family as she became a wife.

Anthony & Raelynne were married in the Saginaw Court House, simple, quaint, perfect for them. Their officiant emphasized how important their relationship is and how to value one another- I really enjoyed the words he had to share. IMG_1175
Congratulations again to Mr & Mrs Anthony Strong!
I hope you love your collection!

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