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Many of you know that I am a fur-mama to two beautiful girls, Lyla and Sir, and that they are my world.
After hearing of a relative’s pup being diagnosed with Heartworm, we sent our girls in to get tested. Lyla’s tests came back positive. We begin the beginning steps of leading Lyla to recovery on Monday, July 31.
The treatments can be extremely costly and will require that I miss work, planned events and will have to keep a close watch on Lyla while she goes through treatment. Her personality is still great, though she has had significant weight loss in the past couple of months, has begun having seizures, and has begun dry coughing- all significant symptoms of positive testing dogs.
To make the payment of these treatments less detrimental to our family, EWP is hosting a day of Mini Sessions dedicated to our precious Lyla.
Sessions will be 25 minutes long and can vary between pet portraits of your own fur baby, family photos, engagements, annoucements, milestones- you name it. If it fits in 25 minutes, we can do it!
Pricing is up to you- each session will be done on the basis of your donation to our girl, Lyla. Every dollar given at Sit. Stay. Smile. will directly go toward the funding of her treatment.
I’ll post updates along the way, if you’re interested in her progress.
Thank you

If you are interested in being a part of this photo shoot, please fill out this Registration Form Here and visit the Facebook event for updates!
Thank you so much.  <3

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  1. Lyla went in for blood work and X-rays today to determine her Stage of Heartworm. Fortunately, she is only at Stage 2 of 4. Stage 2 is considered “Moderate.” She has some enlargements in the pulminary artery in her heart. I’ll find out more when I pick her up from the vet tonight.
    “Stage two of heartworm disease is accompanied by moderate symptoms such as a lingering cough or fatigue after exercise. The symptoms may now be advanced enough for you to detect them. During this phase, the impact of the heartworms on a dog may show in tests.” – https://goo.gl/JQ4U1L

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