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angela porta

Answering God's Call: Writing His Story | Episode 09

How saying YES to God can make an impact on your personal and business life. Special Guest Angela Porta talks about authoring and self-publishing a book from scratch in under 4 months and working with women in all walks of life through her social media platforms. Check out her new book: The I'mPossible Project on Amazon.

lindsey beharry

Branding Beyond Logos & Colors | Episode 08

What branding means beyond just colors, logos and a sticker with special guest, Lindsey Beharry from Lindsey Beharry Design Co

Insights from a Successful Etsy Shop Owner | Episode 07

Life of an etsy shop owner- who took the plunge when the pandemic forced her to search for a new form of revenue. Specializing in minimalist portraits and design. Tips on how to make your own etsy shop thrive. With Special Guest: Patricia Florence from Priceless Art Studio.

Technology Fails and How to Recover from them and Avoid Future Mishaps Episode 06

What to do if / when technology fails, how to avoid them, and why being well versed in your tech is CRITICAL to your business. With Special Guest: Lacy Estelle from The Woven Agency & An ADD Woman​

6 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Hear | Episode 05

Six easy tips every small business owner needs to hear and adapt immediately! Insight on how to efficiently manage your business from the start.

podcast discovery call tips

Top 3 Things to Do On Your Next Discovery Call | Episode 04

It’s totally normal to feel anxious or nervous before you jump on a Discovery call, but it doesn’t have to be your normal! In this virtual day and age we are living in, it has become almost expected to be on virtual discovery calls. So how do you prepare and land the sale? Here’s my top 3 tips on how to exude confidence during your discovery call and help you land your next client!

ADHD and Web Development

What You Might Not Know About Web Development... and ADHD | Episode 03

A look at life as a freelance web developer with an ADHD diagnosis and kids! Mythbusting common tales about Web. Dev. and the importance of a good web presence for every business. With Special Guest: Lacy Estelle from The Woven Agency & An ADD Woman

Podcast tips to better smartphone photography

Tips to Better Smartphone Photography | Episode 02

A simple look at how to improve your smart phone photography skills and level up your business imagery.

business podcast introduction

Welcome to the Podcast, Meet your host! | Episode 01

An introduction to Emily A Woodruff and what we have planned. Take a few minutes to say hello and get aquainted. We can't wait to chat.


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