John & Karen Roth

Okay guys. I’m real sorry. I got super behind and this should have been posted this a billion years ago. But alas, here we are.
John & Karen’s day started out, well, wet! Remember the massive flooding we had in June? Their wedding took place right in the middle of it! Family members from across the country and state were in town, some were threatened to not be able to leave their hotels due to the high waters and dangers, some trucked their way through unsafe waters, and some, like the Bride and Groom, faced many detours on their way to the church. John & Karen came through the doors at 11:00AM- when the ceremony was scheduled to start. The entire guest list laughed and reminded them that there was no starting the ceremony without them, and then we began.
I met Karen a few years ago, I’m not sure she remembers me as a student- but I always, ALWAYS tried to work with her when it came to accounting. I was a struggling student and the formulas never made sense to me, but Karen can explain these things as simply as anything.
When I started working for Delta in the coffee shop, Karen would come in and talk to us girls most mornings as she refilled her coffee cup. She showed off her engagement ring and smiled from ear to ear as she shared her wedding details. I sort of teased her with the idea of having me as her photographer and at first, she brushed it off.
A few months went by, I actually left my position at Delta and my husband, who also worked for the school, connected with her and told me she was interested.
I was so excited to work with Karen and get to offer her something, since she had done so much for me in my academic career.
John & Karen, I hope you love your wedding collection <3
IMG_0020IMG_0033Big smiles all around as rings are exchanged.
These sweet little girls harmonized perfectly as they sang to Karen & John- they sounded AMAZING! IMG_0047IMG_0092IMG_0096IMG_0180I wish you many years of wedded bliss and a happy retirement!

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