Friday Photos

[Friday Photos]

I (quite literally) got stuck in the mud and the storms in the Tri Cities for these photos. I love rain. I love hard rain. I love storms. And I love getting to play in it afterward. I like the way that puddles sound against my shoes and I honestly really like it when mud kicks up and splatters my legs. I like it because it feels like everything has to reset. Everything has to rebuild out of the dampness, the fog, the heaviness that sometimes comes along. I find rain to be entirely refreshing, even if it makes my bones ache and often makes it hard to move. I’m my calmest in the rain. I’m at my most peaceful state in the rain. Everyone needs a little rain sometimes.

Phoenix 6-23-17 (51).JPG(My boots proving to you that I got stuck in 3 feet of mud!)

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