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[Friday Photos]

We’ve been busy and it’s been a while since I posted a Friday Photos update! I keep meaning to take a walk around our new property with my camera, but I leave for work when it’s dark and I come home from work when it’s dark.. and now it’s deer season and  I don’t think my neighboring deer camps would appreciate me taking strolls through the land, interrupting their deer, on the days I’m home during daylight hours. So, at least we have the kitchen window for our views.
Last Saturday morning, my husband and I slept in a little bit and enjoyed our first Saturday on our new land. We’ve been at the house for a few weeks now, but have been busy working on my  other house, prepping it for Showings, so this was the first one we could enjoy at home. We saw about 7 deer that morning. After the third appeared, I realized I should run and grab my camera and try to capture some.
It took me a minute to find my camera (since there are so many boxes!) and I didn’t bother to test my lighting, I just snapped as much as I could, as steadily as I could, without spooking these beauties. This is RIGHT outside our window.

Bluebirds really seem to enjoy our house, we see a LOT of them.IMG_5618IMG_5619IMG_5620IMG_5621
These babes are with their mom, they’re being chased by a buck!IMG_5622IMG_5624

I’ve never been a bird fan, but I’m really enjoying them now. Any recommendations on bird books? I’d like to learn about what sorts like to perch at our kitchen window.

[Hi, Grandma.]


Shortly after the deer ran off, my handsome husband got on his outdoor gear and took the tractor for a spin. He’s like a little kid in the candy shop on this thing. He LOVES IT and I think it’s so cute.
We’ve been unpacking boxes for three weeks, who knew we had so much STUFF?! All the bedrooms are set up and the living room mainly is. Dan spent the first week redoing the plumbing and fixing it so that I can still see out the window while I fold! It’s perfect. We’ve tried so hard to find internet, but that just is not a thing out in the Thumb. We’ve relocated and things are a little different out in the sticks than they are in the city. We’ve got hot spots on our phones and are using them as our source to the outside world. Can’t wait to share more with you.
We’re so excited to be home.

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