Friday Photos

[friday photos]

i’m behind on “Friday Photos”
Sort of.
I’ve been so busy with photo shoots and weddings that I can’t take time to do weekly updates like these. IMG_4997
But Thursday, I went on a walk at my lunch and I brought my favorite companion (my Canon).
Fall FLOWERS? i love this thing so much. It’s beautiful. The wind was blowing HARD so I was really shocked when i actually captured this frame. I love it. IMG_5058IMG_5061
And these guys here? You know, a lot of people tell you to get ground level with your subject. And MOST of the time, that’s the best advice. So I crouched down and bent my knees and searched hard to capture the image i had in my head and just COULDN’T find it on the same level as this flower. Standing up, tall. I got it. here it is.
Sometimes the *rules* are really guidelines.IMG_5062IMG_5063
I call this piece, “Emily before caffiene.” It looks like a wreck, doesn’t it? floppy petals (messy hair), tired limbs (tired Emily), fighting arms? Or pulling Cherry Coke close by? Yet I still, ultimately see Beauty.IMG_5066IMG_5069
And this little guy is just the poster Seagull. Ten feet away, a woman sat on the bench and let the ducks and gulls climb on her. When I pulled away, she unveiled a loaf of bread and even the Geese came to be fed.
I don’t really like birds too much.
Happy Friday. Spread some joy this weekend, we need it this week.

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