Friday Photos

[Friday Photos]

These are all from home sweet home. While my husband pulled mystery items from the weeds behind the house, I played in the garden and found these treasures:
Onions are SO NEAT when they flour like this.IMG_9748IMG_9761IMG_9767
I’m pretty sure this little guy is on his last leg, but it’s oddly so pretty. IMG_9776
I love Black Eyed Susans and I can’t say that enough. I love ’em, I love ’em, I love ’em. They remind me of my dad’s back yard and fresh flowers he would always have cut and on display in our dining room. And now they remind me of my sweet husband, who always picks me a few when they bloom. My husband who learned that I love BES and bought me my own plant of them right by our back door. My husband who takes the time to water and nourish them, so that I can have a little ounce of joy when I walk on and off of our porch. I’m lucky to have both of these men in my life.IMG_9785IMG_9791IMG_9796IMG_9799IMG_9800
Hi there, little guy.IMG_9802IMG_9807IMG_9811IMG_9816And cone flowers, I love these so much too! These are another example of “Babe, I really like cone flowers” and the next thing I know, we have a bunch in our shopping cart and they’re planted in the ground at our house. But I also love (cone) flowers with rain and water drops on ’em. Look how stinkin’ pretty they are!
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