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[Frankie & Lexi]

As per usual, I hardly snap many photos when I am called to be the videographer for a wedding. But I can’t NOT take a few! Let me introduce you to the happy couple, Frankie & Lexi Younge. These ladies are kind and generous, they are inviting and full of life. Their bridal party was full of support, love, laughter and so much fun. There were so many happy tears during their ceremony and reception and I like to think of myself as lucky for being able to attend.
Lexi and Frankie created a Disney Paradise at their reception. Every table was adorned with different themed characters, uniquely made and crafted. There was so much detail at each place setting- they were all beautiful. The aisle that the ladies and their party walked down was lit by candles and flowed across the dance floor. Their card box represented the movie “Up,” they didn’t miss a beat!
Congratulations, girls!IMG_9203


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