Take a look at some of these well-known, famous logos as we dissect some of their hidden meanings! I love creating new logos and working with new businesses to develop their brand, but can admit, I have never hidden imagery into logos thus far. Seeing these simple, yet very complex, logos portray the mission of their businesses is inspiring and something I look forward to pursuing in future designs.

1- FedEx

The space between E and X creates a hidden arrow, which represents their commitment to speed & precision.

2- Amazon

These smiling packages are well known, but have you noticed their play on having everything “From A to Z, along with a smile”


Quiksilver based their logo off of the famous print, “The Great Wave of Kangawa”

4- Levi‘s

Does the scallop at the bottom remind you of anything? The shape of the pockets on a pair of Levi’s, perhaps?

5- Cisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is represented in the lines throughout this logo, which was part of the founders inspiration as they drove into the city to register their company.

6- Pittsburgh Zoo

This isn’t an ink blot test: What do you see first? The tree or the chimp + lioness?

7- Yoga Australia

The white space created from the yogi connecting her foot with her hand creates the shape of Australia

8- Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is known for their 31 flavors of ice cream, the B & R include “31” in their typography

9- My personal favorite- The Guild of Food Writers

A play on words, the white space creates a spoon and the black is the tip of an ink pen!

10-Ed’s Electric

A plug and socket, creating an ‘E’ in the middle

Which are your favorites? Have you seen any other famous logos with hidden meanings?

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