{ewp} client shout out

Just want to give a little shout out to all of YOU!
In 2016, EWP was a part of 11 weddings & events. My biggest year yet! I’d finally expanded from just doing *friends* weddings at discounts and had encountered real clients who sought ME out, I couldn’t have been happier with where my business was going- until this year happened.
24 events and it’s not even September yet! 24 events on the books and 24 amazing families, couples, kids, and lives that have allowed me to join theirs and capture precious memories. And this doesn’t even count the few freebie events I was a part of earlier this year.
I just want to take a moment to tell you that I appreciate YOU and how you have put your trust into me and my business. You have allowed me to learn more, to create, to have fun, to share my dream with more people than I ever have had the opportunity to. You’ve also sent me and my family on unforgettable trips and given us the opportunity to take part in a lot of FUN family activities that we wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for your sessions & weddings!
I am so grateful. I am so excited. I am so overwhelmed by looking at these numbers, looking at the amount of sessions that have happened in the last year.
I can’t wait for what’s to come. I can’t wait to keep growing and keep learning and keep bringing you my best.


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