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Danial & Hannah Woolwine-
Danial is my cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in a million years, we used to play on beaches together when we were kids, up at our grandparents’ summer homes. We were little, but we spent countless hours building castles and moats, swimming and catching minnows, riding on our uncles’ jet ski’s and playing on pontoons.
It was neat to see the little boy I grew up making sand castles with wait for his bride to greet him on May 19.
IMG_0000 (592)
IMG_0000 (801)
Hannah chose a simple, but beautiful theme for their wedding day. Rustic and everything that I love. The sunflowers put me over the top- as they are my favorite flower. Her girls wore cowboy boots and brown, unique dresses. She wore a beautiful, long and flowy gown and adorned her hair with baby’s breath. She was so full of joy and excitement- it was so neat to watch as the minutes got closer to ceremony time.IMG_0000 (599)IMG_0000 (601)
I am obsessed with their rings and am convinced that Danial’s needs to be worn by every police officer out there- it is jet black with a neat, thin blue line running through the middle. Hannah’s is a piece of art, as you can tell. They are a beautiful set!IMG_0000 (611)IMG_0000 (617)
Hannah loves her cats and hoped to catch a moment with her before she left for the day.IMG_0000 (643)
IMG_0000 (612)
The kitty was nervous, but helped me check out their rings again!IMG_0000 (677)IMG_0000 (712)IMG_0000 (752)IMG_0000 (921)IMG_0000 (923)IMG_0000 (932)IMG_0000 (953)
This is what my wedding dreams are made of… (don’t mind that I’m already married and had a perfect wedding.. 🙂 )IMG_0000 (956)IMG_0000 (962)IMG_0000 (970)IMG_0000 (974)IMG_0000 (112)IMG_0000 (996)IMG_0000 (1006)
IMG_0000 (165)IMG_0000 (171)

IMG_0000 (354)
IMG_0000 (1194)
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Woolwine! I am so thankful to have been a part of your day!

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