[ Craig & Jackie Rockey ]

Craig and Jackie are a sweet, simple couple who know how to throw an awesome party. They are bat biologists and aren’t nearly as nerdy as that sounds ( 😉 ). They both have giant hearts and even bigger smiles, their ceremony was overwhelming with love and excitement for these two.


Jackie hand made these necklace, bracelet & earring sets for her bridesmaids.IMG_2734IMG_2739
Jackie’s brother, Danny, put his skill set to use and did an amazing job on her make up and hair for her big day!IMG_0109IMG_0138IMG_0140IMG_0100


Jackie and Craig both live in Pennsylvania, while Craig is from the Mitten, he has recently moved to be with his bride. IMG_0161IMG_0212

IMG_2821IMG_2826IMG_2828IMG_2830Every detail turned out to be stunning.


Their ring Bear was SO COOL.IMG_3020IMG_3043

If this isn’t the most beautiful Michigan backdrop, I don’t know what is. I love this harvesty, fall frame.


The environmental center has a giant pond behind the hall. Beneath it, you’ll find this bubble. During the day time you can go in and observe, but we got in pretty late and the guide warned us that it was a little murky and hard to see through. I still think we nailed these shots, don’t you? IMG_0166IMG_2756IMG_2758IMG_2761
Craig & Jackie provided scrapbook materials for family and friends to help create a photo memory book. Guests took selfies and placed them in the book with plenty of doodles and fun messages at their side.

IMG_0178 IMG_2782

And they had live fish at some of the tables, so that was pretty neatIMG_2789IMG_2797IMG_3051IMG_3173IMG_3220IMG_3635IMG_3654IMG_3681IMG_3684IMG_3687

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Rockey! Thank you so much for choosing {ewp!} I had a BLAST and was so blessed to be part of your day.
View more of their collection and make purchases here: Rockey Wedding

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