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[Spring Review]

I’ve been away for a little while and want to catch you up on my latest adventures! I have really been focusing on honing in on what types of photography I am passionate about and trying to invest in those areas more this year than ever. I am so excited to have the property that my family lives on now, to accommodate your family sessions, engagements, senior photos and all of the other wonderful occasions we meander outside for. I can’t wait to explore more of this land and have more areas available for your use!

This IMG_9502IMG_0200IMG_0141IMG_1168IMG_1248IMG_1237_MG_9118_MG_9191_MG_9367
This is what I’ve been up to lately, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned!


[harold + lori]

Harold & Lori’s wedding was a beautiful blur. I say this because on MONDAY night, I received a blitz of texts from a friend I had worked with almost 6 years ago, asking if I had availability for that coming Saturday. Somehow, we had no plans, I had no events, and I’d just gotten a new camera to try out- so I enthusiastically accepted their wedding and here is a little highlight of it.
The love that I received from this family was indescribable. I was so happy to be a part of such an incredible day. thank you, Sanchez family, for allowing me the honor of capturing such a wonderful time in your lives.



Jenny and Greg found me in the fall last year and I was so pleased to book a THUMB wedding! I’d only been in the area for a few weeks and was so excited to start having clients in the area. Come to find out, they only live about 20 minutes from me and their wedding wasn’t much further- that doesn’t happen in the Thumb!
Here’s a little recap of their big day <3 IMG_0155IMG_0218IMG_0226IMG_0240IMG_0269IMG_0277IMG_0367
Jenny is a crafter, a maker, a doer. She made these cute coasters (and about 299 more) and placed them at every seat. She made the signs, baked and decorated the cake.. you name it, she made it! I was blown away!IMG_0370IMG_0399IMG_0479IMG_3875IMG_3976IMG_3977IMG_3992IMG_4013IMG_4021IMG_4061
Their crew was goofy and silly and so much fun- everyone was excited to celebrate that day and it was so evident through their photos!IMG_4086IMG_4103IMG_4117IMG_4142IMG_4177IMG_9630
Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!

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[pat & sandy]

Pat & Sandy had a BEAUTIFUL wedding in their front yard in Midland. Man, was it a perfect day!

I love the look a man has before he sees his beautiful bride..IMG_2837IMG_2845IMG_2850IMG_2875IMG_2891IMG_2912IMG_2917-4IMG_2936-2
I LOVE this frame. So much joy!IMG_9748-2IMG_9772-2IMG_9774-2IMG_9789-2IMG_9790-2IMG_9855-2IMG_9859
I loved being a part of this wedding. Everyone was SO full of love and excitement for this couple. I was so happy to have my husband filming beside me and capturing the day with me! Thank you again for choosing us to be a part of such an exciting time in your lives together!


[danial + hannah]

Danial & Hannah Woolwine-
Danial is my cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in a million years, we used to play on beaches together when we were kids, up at our grandparents’ summer homes. We were little, but we spent countless hours building castles and moats, swimming and catching minnows, riding on our uncles’ jet ski’s and playing on pontoons.
It was neat to see the little boy I grew up making sand castles with wait for his bride to greet him on May 19.
IMG_0000 (592)
IMG_0000 (801)
Hannah chose a simple, but beautiful theme for their wedding day. Rustic and everything that I love. The sunflowers put me over the top- as they are my favorite flower. Her girls wore cowboy boots and brown, unique dresses. She wore a beautiful, long and flowy gown and adorned her hair with baby’s breath. She was so full of joy and excitement- it was so neat to watch as the minutes got closer to ceremony time.IMG_0000 (599)IMG_0000 (601)
I am obsessed with their rings and am convinced that Danial’s needs to be worn by every police officer out there- it is jet black with a neat, thin blue line running through the middle. Hannah’s is a piece of art, as you can tell. They are a beautiful set!IMG_0000 (611)IMG_0000 (617)
Hannah loves her cats and hoped to catch a moment with her before she left for the day.IMG_0000 (643)
IMG_0000 (612)
The kitty was nervous, but helped me check out their rings again!IMG_0000 (677)IMG_0000 (712)IMG_0000 (752)IMG_0000 (921)IMG_0000 (923)IMG_0000 (932)IMG_0000 (953)
This is what my wedding dreams are made of… (don’t mind that I’m already married and had a perfect wedding.. 🙂 )IMG_0000 (956)IMG_0000 (962)IMG_0000 (970)IMG_0000 (974)IMG_0000 (112)IMG_0000 (996)IMG_0000 (1006)
IMG_0000 (165)IMG_0000 (171)

IMG_0000 (354)
IMG_0000 (1194)
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Woolwine! I am so thankful to have been a part of your day!

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[Frankie & Lexi]

As per usual, I hardly snap many photos when I am called to be the videographer for a wedding. But I can’t NOT take a few! Let me introduce you to the happy couple, Frankie & Lexi Younge. These ladies are kind and generous, they are inviting and full of life. Their bridal party was full of support, love, laughter and so much fun. There were so many happy tears during their ceremony and reception and I like to think of myself as lucky for being able to attend.
Lexi and Frankie created a Disney Paradise at their reception. Every table was adorned with different themed characters, uniquely made and crafted. There was so much detail at each place setting- they were all beautiful. The aisle that the ladies and their party walked down was lit by candles and flowed across the dance floor. Their card box represented the movie “Up,” they didn’t miss a beat!
Congratulations, girls!IMG_9203


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[TOP FIVE TIPS to Help You Save on Wedding Videography]

I’m always looking for ways to reach out to you guys, my clients. I hope to help you find resourceful elements, helpful tips, neat ideas. I hope you feel welcome to reach out to me as we get closer to your wedding day.
I develop the neatest relationships with my clients- some ask me for help on timelines, some for photo ideas, some go so far to ask if I think COLORS look good together! This job is a whirlwind but it is a dream at the same time.
As a former bride, I know what it’s like to have to come up with extra cash in a short amount of time… and having to pay for a wedding on your own. So I wanted to find a way to share how to cut some odds and ends. While I rank Videography as one of the highest priorities in a wedding day, here are a few great ways to save on the trade..
farmto table.png

  1. Share your budget: Did you find your dream videographer but… they’re out of your price range? TELL THEM! Ask if there are packages in your price range or deals they can make. MOST Videographers can be flexible. And while we’re at it- what do you have to lose?
  2. Wed during the “slow season”: Some videographers will offer discounts or will be more flexible during their “slow season,” aka Winter, or days that cancellations may have occurred. While videographer hunting- consider your own schedule and how flexible YOU can be- ask them if they have dates they are trying to fill. You never know what they might offer!
  3. Lose the extras: Do you really need the extra reception hours? Hours of “getting ready” coverage? Modify and capture the highlights. I recommend 6-8 hours of videography to all my clients,even when they request 10.
  4. Trim the Fat: Many videographers work with assistants. If you can’t afford the additional help during the entire wedding, ask if they can only be present for a particular amount of time. I’d recommend sending them home once the reception gets started- you can only have so many videos of drunken dancing!
  5. Ask About Editing: Inquire with your videographer if it is possible to purchase an edited copy of the ceremony and unedited cuts of the reception. This will cut the videographer’s editing time nearly in half and they may be likely to give you a price break.

Happy Planning!


[2017 in Review]

2017! Thank you all SO MUCH for following me this year! I have had a blast! As you can see, EWP was a LOT busier this year than ever before and I’m SO THANKFUL for each of you. Babies, products, headshots, weddings, dogs, boudoir- so much fun. I can’t wait until 2018! Here’s a little review of the year <3

Here’s a little breakdown:
Events: 2
Product: 3
Seniors: 2
Babies: 2
Weddings: 10
Headshots: 1
Maternity: 2
Pets: 2
In 2017 I accomplished so many things with this business..
-I did a baby photo shoot that I was PROUD of. We spent a lot of time working together and had no time constraints, so his shoot turned out awesome (in my opinion..).
-I shot a dreamy winter wonderland wedding (bucket list!)
-I participated in multiple fundraisers as a vendor
-I branched out and did two types of photography I’ve never experimented with before: Product & boudoir.
-I got to watch a ballerina dance in the streets of Saginaw and capture it for her senior photos (didn’t know it was on my bucket list but… BUCKET LIST!)
-I built my own website and kept with it (most of the time 😉 )
-I added over 200 people to my business page and now have almost 200 in my private boudoir group!
-I hired an assistant who is reliable and ready to learn
-I gathered a Glam Squad for my boudoir workshops, some beautiful, hardworking women who can’t wait to help make my Bombshells to feel great and look great!
-I had to say NO to new clients because my plate was full or dates were already booked. There are no words for having to decline an invitation to photograph a wedding when you are already booked.
-I had inquiries from people I’ve never met and didn’t have any mutual friends with
-I got my own office and work space!
-I entered 2018 with PRE BOOKED weddings, events & sessions- not a blank slate.
I am so incredibly thankful for EWP and the people who support it. I LOVE what I do and love learning with you. I love experimenting behind the lens and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I love seeing people come alive behind the camera and capturing what’s happening in real time. I love my job and it’s all thanks to YOU!
Happy New Year!
What’s your biggest accomplishment from 2017?

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If you’ve been following my facebook and instagram sites, you’d know that we’re doing a huge giveaway and are working our way to 1000 followers!

I’m [currently] at 743 Page Likes and my goal is to hit 1000 by December 31, 2017!

There’s a current thread on my page asking what MY personal viewers’ favorite part of wedding photography is.

The Kiss
The Ceremony

So far, the first look, details, first dance & B&G photos after the ceremony have been mentioned. What’s your favorite?
Here’s a few of ours:
The First Look

Couple Shots
First Dance23632334_1587425271311063_7213736098686307672_o
The CeremonyIMG_2995
Getting Ready13873048_1083761465010782_4325501579364552195_n1233013_558794144174186_1550400025_o
The Exit15380461_210996319353272_6415250172560347675_n
Basically, we love it all. I can’t wait to hear from you!
Help us reach our goal by sharing our Facebook Page (linked at the top) and spreading the word.
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[dalton & jenn parent]

Dalton & Jenn’s wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL and so hot. This poor couple planned for a September and hoped that they would be outside in crisp, cool fall weather- but Michigan decided to take us all for a ride and blast us with high 90’s and full sun. And they fared it well.

Of course, I always snap a FEW frames. I just can’t help it. Here’s mom helping Jenn get her necklace and jewelry on.


I love this little sign they had!

View their video here: