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[vision planner]

If you’re like me, you need to see, touch, write-out, and basically use all five senses when you make a decision. I LOVE vision planners for that reason- they help my ideas come to life! Whether it’s a design in my house, a plan for a photoshoot, heck, even my weekend plans- they help keep me organized, which is why I am SO excited to share this new Vision Planner with you today!

Vision planners are AMAZING resources for manifesting what you are seeking in life- big or small. I believe that there are many different types of vision boards and they truly are an item that, if used well and often, can be so beneficial!

So don’t wait! Grab your FREE Vision Planner HERE!

Comment below and let me know you grabbed one! Enjoy!

xo, emily

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Limited Edition Winter Sessions

Limited Edition Winter Sessions!
   🎄December 7 11AM-4pm
   🎄10 digital downloads
   🎄 Prints/Cards available

Book here: and choose “Limited Edition Sessions,” my address, December 7, select your time slot.
You will get a confirmation text and a reminder the week of the Limited Edition Sessions!

*These are not my photos


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[Spring Review]

I’ve been away for a little while and want to catch you up on my latest adventures! I have really been focusing on honing in on what types of photography I am passionate about and trying to invest in those areas more this year than ever. I am so excited to have the property that my family lives on now, to accommodate your family sessions, engagements, senior photos and all of the other wonderful occasions we meander outside for. I can’t wait to explore more of this land and have more areas available for your use!

This IMG_9502IMG_0200IMG_0141IMG_1168IMG_1248IMG_1237_MG_9118_MG_9191_MG_9367
This is what I’ve been up to lately, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned!

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Owen & Leigha Tosh- Adoption

I’ve had an awesome opportunity to work with Owen and Leigha Tosh over the years. We’ve been friends for nearly a decade and I’ve been lucky enough to be the one to capture some exciting times in their life together: engagement, wedding and now, adoption.
Please feel free to share their story on your timeline, as an act of hope of connecting them with their future child.
Here’s their story:
“Owen & Leigha’s choice to adopt is different from many other stories you may have heard. When preparing for marriage, they both shared their excitement to adopt some day. It wasn’t a question of if, but of when. Now that they have been married for several years, both have jobs they love, and have settled into a comfortable house, the time seems perfect for growing their family. Adoption is their first choice, rather than plan B. The Tosh’s adopted child will be the baby that makes them parents and they are truly honored that they will have been hand-chosen by his or her birth family specifically for the job of being parents.
Leigha & Owen are so ready to be parents.They can’t wait to travel and show off the beauty of this earth. Laughing and being silly are already things that they specialize in—they’re are so excited to be able to share their joy and zeal for life with a child. They are already convinced that the child God has for them will be a perfect fit into not only their family, but with grandparents and extended family as well.
They met through their church in Saginaw, MI. Owen had recently moved back to the area, and Leigha was working on her Master’s degree. They saw each other at church, but didn’t formally introduce themselves until after a game of ultimate frisbee with the college ministry.
One weekend, when Leigha’s usual friends were out of town, Owen offered to make a casual dinner and they watched a movie together. Owen offered to make dinner again, and Leigha came back. This pattern continued for a few months until Owen finally asked Leigha on a proper date. With that, they moved beyond “just friends.” One year later, Owen proposed, and a year and a half after that, they were married.

Their house is nestled in a small wooded area of Saginaw. More than just a place to sleep, it has
become a hub for their college ministry, gatherings of friends, and a landing pad for out-of-town guests. Everyone is welcome, and they’ll always do their best to make visitors comfortable. Over the years, they have opened their home to friends and family for both short- and long-term stays. Now they can hardly wait to open their home to little ones and make new memories.

It is Owen & Leigha’s desire to see their children come to know Jesus and commit their lives to Him. Throughout the lives of their children, they as their parents will continue to grow in their relationships with God, growing in love for each other, themselves, family, and others. They hope to teach their children by example that although they struggle against their sinful nature, they have Christ as their ambassador to God the Father and they can lean on Him throughout their entire lives. They pray that when their children are old enough to decide for themselves to accept Jesus as their lord and savior that they will do so.
As Owen & Leigha raise their children, they will continue to be involved with their local church community, surrounding the children with adults who are good examples of Christ.They as parents, along with the church community, will provide them with continual support and teaching, even as the Spirit continues to teach Owen & Leigha, in order for them to grow in their relationships with God as His disciples.

(Moose is also ready to be a big brother)

Things to be praying about:
-Their birthmomma and expectant family – choosing adoption for your little one is a hard decision for anyone to make even when she knows it is the best decision
-For the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and safety of their birthmomma and baby
-Pray for their birthmomma to grow closer to God in this process
-For Leigha and Owen as they prepare their home, hearts, and finances”
Their adoption fundraiser page can be found here:

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[taugher family]

A group in my old church hosts a 5K fundraiser each year for a project they have put together in Haiti, for the past few years I have donated a photo package and the winning bid last year was Maggie Taugher.
We e-mailed several times and planned a date, I had a reminder set on my phone to check in a couple of months in advance to confirm the date- I got an interesting response, telling me that her son would like to arrange something with me.
And immediately I knew he was going to propose to his girlfriend.
I called Tom and we made plans for when and where during our session he would propose to his long-term girlfriend, Ashley. And I screamed when I got off the phone! A surprise engagement has been on my photography bucket list for SO long!
So the Taugher family + significant others made the drive to our little farmland and expected nothing more than family photos.
And here’s when things changed pace…IMG_4994-2IMG_4996IMG_4998IMG_5001-2IMG_5005IMG_5010-2IMG_5020-2IMG_5023-2IMG_5031-2IMG_5040IMG_5044-2IMG_5053-2IMG_5060-2IMG_5072-2IMG_5085-2
Congratulations to Tom & Ashley! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this!

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[friday photos]

i really love the spring. i love the calmness in the air. i love the constant reminder of new birth, new life, new growth. i love watching the bunnies and turkeys chase each other. and i’ll never tire of watching the deer. saturday mornings are always a dream on our property. we sip our caffeinated beverages and watch the birds, flagging the pages of the ones we see in my bird books. we watch animals poke their heads out of fields and into our view, as they creep up to the corn feeder.
i have really started enjoying watching these bunnies. they chase each other through bushes, they run and almost play “tag.” they are not fearful- as they’ll allow you to come nearly 10 feet from them before they scatter. if a bird swoops above, they do not hesitate to take off into the woods.IMG_9413IMG_9444
my husband loves these finches, i try really hard to capture a few photos of them for him in the mornings. i managed to step outside and actually get this one without scaring off the birds- instead of through our clouded windows.IMG_9449
i swear that my step dad gave me this bird bath, but it’s argued that my mom did. either way, i’m happy it’s made it to our new home and that this cowbird got to take a few sips from it.
we’ve started seeing Grosbeak’s this week. this little guy wouldn’t turn around for me but his chest is bright red and though it doesn’t look like it, their beaks are completely white. they are really neat. (This one’s for you, dad!)
i hope the deer don’t eat my tulips.
i love how spring seems to be our reset button. it breaks our winter blues and starts to change how we look at each day, at least in my world. i look forward to the new fragrances. i look forward to seeing the sun shine again. i sit and eagerly wait to see the geese land on the pond, the birds moving from tree top to tree top, the crunch of twigs as the wildlife moves through the woods. nature always reconnects me with God and allows me to be reminded of how He truly is the Great Creator.
When i look at birds like pheasants, with their intricate details- i know it couldn’t have been an accident. He knew their needs, He provided them. I am in awe. and there is more to come.

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[Colton & Courtney]

Okay, I’m going to include two photo shoots here because they’re very connected. Colton & Courtney and I met when my pup, Lyla, was diagnosed with heartworm and I was hosting a fundraiser for her ([Sit. Stay. Smile. – Photos for Lyla]),  you’ll see their baby announcement there. But I just want to highlight them and feature BOTH sessions here!


1 (1)1 (5)1 (14a)IMG_1359

On to the maternity photos. This session holds a huge place in my heart because it’s the FIRST ONE I had the opportunity to shoot on our new farm. I’ve been dying to take this Christmas tree photo and what can I say, I think we nailed it!IMG_6758IMG_6766IMG_6772

I still can’t believe they took their hands out of their pockets on this seven degree day!IMG_6785IMG_6794IMG_6800IMG_6806

Congratulations, Colton & Courtney! I’m so excited for you and your baby boy!


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[Friday Photos]

We’ve been busy and it’s been a while since I posted a Friday Photos update! I keep meaning to take a walk around our new property with my camera, but I leave for work when it’s dark and I come home from work when it’s dark.. and now it’s deer season and  I don’t think my neighboring deer camps would appreciate me taking strolls through the land, interrupting their deer, on the days I’m home during daylight hours. So, at least we have the kitchen window for our views.
Last Saturday morning, my husband and I slept in a little bit and enjoyed our first Saturday on our new land. We’ve been at the house for a few weeks now, but have been busy working on my  other house, prepping it for Showings, so this was the first one we could enjoy at home. We saw about 7 deer that morning. After the third appeared, I realized I should run and grab my camera and try to capture some.
It took me a minute to find my camera (since there are so many boxes!) and I didn’t bother to test my lighting, I just snapped as much as I could, as steadily as I could, without spooking these beauties. This is RIGHT outside our window.

Bluebirds really seem to enjoy our house, we see a LOT of them.IMG_5618IMG_5619IMG_5620IMG_5621
These babes are with their mom, they’re being chased by a buck!IMG_5622IMG_5624

I’ve never been a bird fan, but I’m really enjoying them now. Any recommendations on bird books? I’d like to learn about what sorts like to perch at our kitchen window.

[Hi, Grandma.]


Shortly after the deer ran off, my handsome husband got on his outdoor gear and took the tractor for a spin. He’s like a little kid in the candy shop on this thing. He LOVES IT and I think it’s so cute.
We’ve been unpacking boxes for three weeks, who knew we had so much STUFF?! All the bedrooms are set up and the living room mainly is. Dan spent the first week redoing the plumbing and fixing it so that I can still see out the window while I fold! It’s perfect. We’ve tried so hard to find internet, but that just is not a thing out in the Thumb. We’ve relocated and things are a little different out in the sticks than they are in the city. We’ve got hot spots on our phones and are using them as our source to the outside world. Can’t wait to share more with you.
We’re so excited to be home.