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[vision planner]

If you’re like me, you need to see, touch, write-out, and basically use all five senses when you make a decision. I LOVE vision planners for that reason- they help my ideas come to life! Whether it’s a design in my house, a plan for a photoshoot, heck, even my weekend plans- they help keep me organized, which is why I am SO excited to share this new Vision Planner with you today!

Vision planners are AMAZING resources for manifesting what you are seeking in life- big or small. I believe that there are many different types of vision boards and they truly are an item that, if used well and often, can be so beneficial!

So don’t wait! Grab your FREE Vision Planner HERE!

Comment below and let me know you grabbed one! Enjoy!

xo, emily

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Getting Ready for your Big Day? Download the NEW Budget Planner for FREE!

Gain access to a wedding planning worksheet (digital file) including all you need to plan a the wedding of your dreams! I created it as a tool to help out my clients, as budgeting is always the biggest source of stress for new brides. The spreadsheet will be yours, to edit and personalize as you wish!

If you have any questions before or after purchase I will happily help, just send me a message.


Ceremony, Jewelry, Photography, stationary, reception, decorations, rentals, attire and miscellaneous last-minute item budget sheets.

This easy-to-use download is the PERFECT free addition to my “the Big Day! Wedding Planner”

Planner will be sent available to download as a pdf. Feel free to drop me a message with any questions and I will be happy to help.

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If you’ve been following my facebook and instagram sites, you’d know that we’re doing a huge giveaway and are working our way to 1000 followers!

I’m [currently] at 743 Page Likes and my goal is to hit 1000 by December 31, 2017!

There’s a current thread on my page asking what MY personal viewers’ favorite part of wedding photography is.

The Kiss
The Ceremony

So far, the first look, details, first dance & B&G photos after the ceremony have been mentioned. What’s your favorite?
Here’s a few of ours:
The First Look

Couple Shots
First Dance23632334_1587425271311063_7213736098686307672_o
The CeremonyIMG_2995
Getting Ready13873048_1083761465010782_4325501579364552195_n1233013_558794144174186_1550400025_o
The Exit15380461_210996319353272_6415250172560347675_n
Basically, we love it all. I can’t wait to hear from you!
Help us reach our goal by sharing our Facebook Page (linked at the top) and spreading the word.