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[friday photos]

i really love the spring. i love the calmness in the air. i love the constant reminder of new birth, new life, new growth. i love watching the bunnies and turkeys chase each other. and i’ll never tire of watching the deer. saturday mornings are always a dream on our property. we sip our caffeinated beverages and watch the birds, flagging the pages of the ones we see in my bird books. we watch animals poke their heads out of fields and into our view, as they creep up to the corn feeder.
i have really started enjoying watching these bunnies. they chase each other through bushes, they run and almost play “tag.” they are not fearful- as they’ll allow you to come nearly 10 feet from them before they scatter. if a bird swoops above, they do not hesitate to take off into the woods.IMG_9413IMG_9444
my husband loves these finches, i try really hard to capture a few photos of them for him in the mornings. i managed to step outside and actually get this one without scaring off the birds- instead of through our clouded windows.IMG_9449
i swear that my step dad gave me this bird bath, but it’s argued that my mom did. either way, i’m happy it’s made it to our new home and that this cowbird got to take a few sips from it.
we’ve started seeing Grosbeak’s this week. this little guy wouldn’t turn around for me but his chest is bright red and though it doesn’t look like it, their beaks are completely white. they are really neat. (This one’s for you, dad!)
i hope the deer don’t eat my tulips.
i love how spring seems to be our reset button. it breaks our winter blues and starts to change how we look at each day, at least in my world. i look forward to the new fragrances. i look forward to seeing the sun shine again. i sit and eagerly wait to see the geese land on the pond, the birds moving from tree top to tree top, the crunch of twigs as the wildlife moves through the woods. nature always reconnects me with God and allows me to be reminded of how He truly is the Great Creator.
When i look at birds like pheasants, with their intricate details- i know it couldn’t have been an accident. He knew their needs, He provided them. I am in awe. and there is more to come.

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[TOP FIVE TIPS to Help You Save on Wedding Videography]

I’m always looking for ways to reach out to you guys, my clients. I hope to help you find resourceful elements, helpful tips, neat ideas. I hope you feel welcome to reach out to me as we get closer to your wedding day.
I develop the neatest relationships with my clients- some ask me for help on timelines, some for photo ideas, some go so far to ask if I think COLORS look good together! This job is a whirlwind but it is a dream at the same time.
As a former bride, I know what it’s like to have to come up with extra cash in a short amount of time… and having to pay for a wedding on your own. So I wanted to find a way to share how to cut some odds and ends. While I rank Videography as one of the highest priorities in a wedding day, here are a few great ways to save on the trade..
farmto table.png

  1. Share your budget: Did you find your dream videographer but… they’re out of your price range? TELL THEM! Ask if there are packages in your price range or deals they can make. MOST Videographers can be flexible. And while we’re at it- what do you have to lose?
  2. Wed during the “slow season”: Some videographers will offer discounts or will be more flexible during their “slow season,” aka Winter, or days that cancellations may have occurred. While videographer hunting- consider your own schedule and how flexible YOU can be- ask them if they have dates they are trying to fill. You never know what they might offer!
  3. Lose the extras: Do you really need the extra reception hours? Hours of “getting ready” coverage? Modify and capture the highlights. I recommend 6-8 hours of videography to all my clients,even when they request 10.
  4. Trim the Fat: Many videographers work with assistants. If you can’t afford the additional help during the entire wedding, ask if they can only be present for a particular amount of time. I’d recommend sending them home once the reception gets started- you can only have so many videos of drunken dancing!
  5. Ask About Editing: Inquire with your videographer if it is possible to purchase an edited copy of the ceremony and unedited cuts of the reception. This will cut the videographer’s editing time nearly in half and they may be likely to give you a price break.

Happy Planning!

Friday Photos

[workshop weekend]

I’d love to share some awesome images from the workshop I held this past weekend, but I’ve vowed to only share these within my private BOUDOIR GROUP.
This group consists of lovers of photography & mostly of women gifting intimate images for their fiance’s and husbands. The most common theme is that there are tons of women here who are learning to see themselves in a new way- many who never have felt the way society describes “sexy” and don’t know how to depict it. Many women are seeing themselves in a new, beautiful way- and that’s the entire purpose of this group. Empowering and uplifting women, encouraging them to love themselves NOW and to do something fun with it.
From a post I’d shared in my private group:

“My name is Emily, I have owned and operated EWP for just under 6 years and have specialized in weddings & family sessions. I’m a wife, an assistant project manager, and a step mom.
Many of my clients over the years have asked for boudoir and I shyed away, letting nerves and ‘the unknown’ keep me away.
Until just recently when I turned away my last boudoir seeking bride. I decided to give it a whirl and THEN decide if it was a love/hate thing.
Well. It’s love. Working with women and watching them grow in confidence and come out of their shell is an amazing feeling. In my boudoir sessions, it’s all about you. The angles you love, even the angles you hate. We’ll work together to show off how truly beautiful you really are and will have a work of art at the end. I hosted my first (but definitely not last) Boudoir Workshop on Saturday and had SO MUCH FUN with all my girls. I can’t wait for the next one.”

My best friend, Heather, (from this post) accompanied me on Saturday and worked as my Glam Squad. She prepped everyone with make up and great hair and then sent them on to me. We’re planning Workshops Number 2 and 3 right now!
I’m so excited to see how many people have jumped on board this week. I’m so excited to be receiving messages and to have booked yet ANOTHER session this week- and that she came by referral from one of my Workshop Bombshells.
Bombshells? Why Bombshells? First lets look at what Webster tells us that word means:
Get it? Is there any other word that fits more perfectly? I’m adorning each of my Workshop gals as #ewpbombshells to find yet another way to compliment these beauties, to give them a title of pride, a word of confidence. My girls ARE bombshells and they don’t need my photo sessions to prove it- but I’m so glad they have them.
All I can tell you is that this weekend was so much fun and the affirmation I’ve received in these past 6 days has been uplifting and entirely unexpected.
When my girls left, here’s some of the comments I heard:
“That was SO FUN”
“I can actually look sexy?”
“I can’t wait to show him these!”
If you’re a lady looking for a group filled with self-love & empowerment, join my group.
If you’re a photographer looking for tips, advice & ideas- shoot me a message, we’ll make this work!
I can’t wait to see this group grow. I’m so excited for what this might bring to my fun little business.

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[Friday Photos]

We’ve been busy and it’s been a while since I posted a Friday Photos update! I keep meaning to take a walk around our new property with my camera, but I leave for work when it’s dark and I come home from work when it’s dark.. and now it’s deer season and  I don’t think my neighboring deer camps would appreciate me taking strolls through the land, interrupting their deer, on the days I’m home during daylight hours. So, at least we have the kitchen window for our views.
Last Saturday morning, my husband and I slept in a little bit and enjoyed our first Saturday on our new land. We’ve been at the house for a few weeks now, but have been busy working on my  other house, prepping it for Showings, so this was the first one we could enjoy at home. We saw about 7 deer that morning. After the third appeared, I realized I should run and grab my camera and try to capture some.
It took me a minute to find my camera (since there are so many boxes!) and I didn’t bother to test my lighting, I just snapped as much as I could, as steadily as I could, without spooking these beauties. This is RIGHT outside our window.

Bluebirds really seem to enjoy our house, we see a LOT of them.IMG_5618IMG_5619IMG_5620IMG_5621
These babes are with their mom, they’re being chased by a buck!IMG_5622IMG_5624

I’ve never been a bird fan, but I’m really enjoying them now. Any recommendations on bird books? I’d like to learn about what sorts like to perch at our kitchen window.

[Hi, Grandma.]


Shortly after the deer ran off, my handsome husband got on his outdoor gear and took the tractor for a spin. He’s like a little kid in the candy shop on this thing. He LOVES IT and I think it’s so cute.
We’ve been unpacking boxes for three weeks, who knew we had so much STUFF?! All the bedrooms are set up and the living room mainly is. Dan spent the first week redoing the plumbing and fixing it so that I can still see out the window while I fold! It’s perfect. We’ve tried so hard to find internet, but that just is not a thing out in the Thumb. We’ve relocated and things are a little different out in the sticks than they are in the city. We’ve got hot spots on our phones and are using them as our source to the outside world. Can’t wait to share more with you.
We’re so excited to be home.

Friday Photos

[friday photos]

i’m behind on “Friday Photos”
Sort of.
I’ve been so busy with photo shoots and weddings that I can’t take time to do weekly updates like these. IMG_4997
But Thursday, I went on a walk at my lunch and I brought my favorite companion (my Canon).
Fall FLOWERS? i love this thing so much. It’s beautiful. The wind was blowing HARD so I was really shocked when i actually captured this frame. I love it. IMG_5058IMG_5061
And these guys here? You know, a lot of people tell you to get ground level with your subject. And MOST of the time, that’s the best advice. So I crouched down and bent my knees and searched hard to capture the image i had in my head and just COULDN’T find it on the same level as this flower. Standing up, tall. I got it. here it is.
Sometimes the *rules* are really guidelines.IMG_5062IMG_5063
I call this piece, “Emily before caffiene.” It looks like a wreck, doesn’t it? floppy petals (messy hair), tired limbs (tired Emily), fighting arms? Or pulling Cherry Coke close by? Yet I still, ultimately see Beauty.IMG_5066IMG_5069
And this little guy is just the poster Seagull. Ten feet away, a woman sat on the bench and let the ducks and gulls climb on her. When I pulled away, she unveiled a loaf of bread and even the Geese came to be fed.
I don’t really like birds too much.
Happy Friday. Spread some joy this weekend, we need it this week.

Friday Photos

[weekly photos]

My photos this week will probably be different than expected. That’s because we didn’t have one millisecond of spare time over this holiday weekend.
We are in the process of putting two houses up for sale and hopefully soon, putting an offer on a new one. This weekend was D-Day. The weekend of all weekends for home projects. We didn’t have much help lined up and thank God for the friends who came to save us.
The weekend was spent re-siding the garage, power washing windows, cleaning up the yard, getting it mowed, tiny nieces running around, paint in nearly every room in the house, scrubbing windows, packing a LOT of boxes and moving them all over town, lots of pizza, more packing, staging rooms, scrubbing cabinets and scraping paint off floors. And Lord knows what else.
We are beat.
But our house is almost done! Here’s proof.
Incredibly grateful for my husband’s buddy Steve, who manned the garage. My husband’s oldest, who mowed, helped in the crawl space, did some deliveries for us, and sort of swooped in and saved the day yesterday. My sister in law, who painted for two days straight, my niece who scrubbed the pool I wanted nothing to do with. My dad who put new light switches in and replaced light fixtures, plus blanched a gazillion tomatoes for us. and of course, my husband. Who tirelessly worked early each morning into late each night. He managed all of us, kept order, worked hard, busted toes and fingers, and even his face. Then he came home and watched our favorite show with me each night and did it all over again then next day. He’s a dream.
We still have a lot to do, but we are so much further along than I really could have imagined us when we started.
Here’s to selling homes! and sleep. we need a lot of sleep still.

Friday Photos

Friday Photos

I can’t even begin to tell you about what a whirlwind this week has been.

Last weekend we (my husband) drove through the night to get to Missouri and surprise the boys at Six Flags in Eureka. We spent the day there and then made our way up to Morse Mill, Missouri for the eclipse.

We found ourselves in some random little park with about 35 other people there. We played in the river, the boys swung from tree ropes, and we saw a total eclipse. And it was SO COOL.


We spent a lot of the day in Morse Mill and then eventually made our way to Springfield, IL. We stopped in a weird little diner and found a hotel later. The next morning we stopped at Abe Lincoln’s Museum and I cried 3 times but it was really cool. We made it home around midnight Tuesday night. I’m still sleepy.
Here’s some fun little flowery photos, too!


Friday Photos

[Saturday Photos]

I was  waiting for my next photo session and went for a stroll. Found these bright pink flowers and didn’t even notice the Monarch hovering close by. I’m so happy I went for this short little walk.IMG_1391IMG_1399IMG_1405IMG_1423
This is the creepiest bug I’ve ever encountered but.. it’s pretty cool, right?IMG_1425IMG_1428
Happy Saturday,

Friday Photos

[Friday Photos]

Happy Friday,
Have I mentioned how much I love the rain? Because I do. I love raindrops and I love wet dirt and I love the calm it leaves behind. IMG_1126IMG_1128IMG_1129IMG_1130 And I really like these whispy, strange, blown over flowers. IMG_1137IMG_1140IMG_1141IMG_1143
I’m gearing up to head to a courthouse wedding today, downtown. I can’t wait to share Raelynne & Anthony’s wedding with you soon!