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Owen & Leigha Tosh- Adoption

I’ve had an awesome opportunity to work with Owen and Leigha Tosh over the years. We’ve been friends for nearly a decade and I’ve been lucky enough to be the one to capture some exciting times in their life together: engagement, wedding and now, adoption.
Please feel free to share their story on your timeline, as an act of hope of connecting them with their future child.
Here’s their story:
“Owen & Leigha’s choice to adopt is different from many other stories you may have heard. When preparing for marriage, they both shared their excitement to adopt some day. It wasn’t a question of if, but of when. Now that they have been married for several years, both have jobs they love, and have settled into a comfortable house, the time seems perfect for growing their family. Adoption is their first choice, rather than plan B. The Tosh’s adopted child will be the baby that makes them parents and they are truly honored that they will have been hand-chosen by his or her birth family specifically for the job of being parents.
Leigha & Owen are so ready to be parents.They can’t wait to travel and show off the beauty of this earth. Laughing and being silly are already things that they specialize in—they’re are so excited to be able to share their joy and zeal for life with a child. They are already convinced that the child God has for them will be a perfect fit into not only their family, but with grandparents and extended family as well.
They met through their church in Saginaw, MI. Owen had recently moved back to the area, and Leigha was working on her Master’s degree. They saw each other at church, but didn’t formally introduce themselves until after a game of ultimate frisbee with the college ministry.
One weekend, when Leigha’s usual friends were out of town, Owen offered to make a casual dinner and they watched a movie together. Owen offered to make dinner again, and Leigha came back. This pattern continued for a few months until Owen finally asked Leigha on a proper date. With that, they moved beyond “just friends.” One year later, Owen proposed, and a year and a half after that, they were married.

Their house is nestled in a small wooded area of Saginaw. More than just a place to sleep, it has
become a hub for their college ministry, gatherings of friends, and a landing pad for out-of-town guests. Everyone is welcome, and they’ll always do their best to make visitors comfortable. Over the years, they have opened their home to friends and family for both short- and long-term stays. Now they can hardly wait to open their home to little ones and make new memories.

It is Owen & Leigha’s desire to see their children come to know Jesus and commit their lives to Him. Throughout the lives of their children, they as their parents will continue to grow in their relationships with God, growing in love for each other, themselves, family, and others. They hope to teach their children by example that although they struggle against their sinful nature, they have Christ as their ambassador to God the Father and they can lean on Him throughout their entire lives. They pray that when their children are old enough to decide for themselves to accept Jesus as their lord and savior that they will do so.
As Owen & Leigha raise their children, they will continue to be involved with their local church community, surrounding the children with adults who are good examples of Christ.They as parents, along with the church community, will provide them with continual support and teaching, even as the Spirit continues to teach Owen & Leigha, in order for them to grow in their relationships with God as His disciples.

(Moose is also ready to be a big brother)

Things to be praying about:
-Their birthmomma and expectant family – choosing adoption for your little one is a hard decision for anyone to make even when she knows it is the best decision
-For the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and safety of their birthmomma and baby
-Pray for their birthmomma to grow closer to God in this process
-For Leigha and Owen as they prepare their home, hearts, and finances”
Their adoption fundraiser page can be found here:

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[taugher family]

A group in my old church hosts a 5K fundraiser each year for a project they have put together in Haiti, for the past few years I have donated a photo package and the winning bid last year was Maggie Taugher.
We e-mailed several times and planned a date, I had a reminder set on my phone to check in a couple of months in advance to confirm the date- I got an interesting response, telling me that her son would like to arrange something with me.
And immediately I knew he was going to propose to his girlfriend.
I called Tom and we made plans for when and where during our session he would propose to his long-term girlfriend, Ashley. And I screamed when I got off the phone! A surprise engagement has been on my photography bucket list for SO long!
So the Taugher family + significant others made the drive to our little farmland and expected nothing more than family photos.
And here’s when things changed pace…IMG_4994-2IMG_4996IMG_4998IMG_5001-2IMG_5005IMG_5010-2IMG_5020-2IMG_5023-2IMG_5031-2IMG_5040IMG_5044-2IMG_5053-2IMG_5060-2IMG_5072-2IMG_5085-2
Congratulations to Tom & Ashley! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this!


[harold + lori]

Harold & Lori’s wedding was a beautiful blur. I say this because on MONDAY night, I received a blitz of texts from a friend I had worked with almost 6 years ago, asking if I had availability for that coming Saturday. Somehow, we had no plans, I had no events, and I’d just gotten a new camera to try out- so I enthusiastically accepted their wedding and here is a little highlight of it.
The love that I received from this family was indescribable. I was so happy to be a part of such an incredible day. thank you, Sanchez family, for allowing me the honor of capturing such a wonderful time in your lives.



Jenny and Greg found me in the fall last year and I was so pleased to book a THUMB wedding! I’d only been in the area for a few weeks and was so excited to start having clients in the area. Come to find out, they only live about 20 minutes from me and their wedding wasn’t much further- that doesn’t happen in the Thumb!
Here’s a little recap of their big day <3 IMG_0155IMG_0218IMG_0226IMG_0240IMG_0269IMG_0277IMG_0367
Jenny is a crafter, a maker, a doer. She made these cute coasters (and about 299 more) and placed them at every seat. She made the signs, baked and decorated the cake.. you name it, she made it! I was blown away!IMG_0370IMG_0399IMG_0479IMG_3875IMG_3976IMG_3977IMG_3992IMG_4013IMG_4021IMG_4061
Their crew was goofy and silly and so much fun- everyone was excited to celebrate that day and it was so evident through their photos!IMG_4086IMG_4103IMG_4117IMG_4142IMG_4177IMG_9630
Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!

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[pat & sandy]

Pat & Sandy had a BEAUTIFUL wedding in their front yard in Midland. Man, was it a perfect day!

I love the look a man has before he sees his beautiful bride..IMG_2837IMG_2845IMG_2850IMG_2875IMG_2891IMG_2912IMG_2917-4IMG_2936-2
I LOVE this frame. So much joy!IMG_9748-2IMG_9772-2IMG_9774-2IMG_9789-2IMG_9790-2IMG_9855-2IMG_9859
I loved being a part of this wedding. Everyone was SO full of love and excitement for this couple. I was so happy to have my husband filming beside me and capturing the day with me! Thank you again for choosing us to be a part of such an exciting time in your lives together!

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[jon, bianca & family]

I’ve known Jon & Bianca for a couple of years now- I had the honor of capturing their wedding video in 2016 and we have stayed connected since! It was so fun to see how their little one, Adrianna, had grown and to see them doing well as a family. Here’s a preview of our time together:

Thanks for letting me be a part of this great time in your family’s lives!


[danial + hannah]

Danial & Hannah Woolwine-
Danial is my cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in a million years, we used to play on beaches together when we were kids, up at our grandparents’ summer homes. We were little, but we spent countless hours building castles and moats, swimming and catching minnows, riding on our uncles’ jet ski’s and playing on pontoons.
It was neat to see the little boy I grew up making sand castles with wait for his bride to greet him on May 19.
IMG_0000 (592)
IMG_0000 (801)
Hannah chose a simple, but beautiful theme for their wedding day. Rustic and everything that I love. The sunflowers put me over the top- as they are my favorite flower. Her girls wore cowboy boots and brown, unique dresses. She wore a beautiful, long and flowy gown and adorned her hair with baby’s breath. She was so full of joy and excitement- it was so neat to watch as the minutes got closer to ceremony time.IMG_0000 (599)IMG_0000 (601)
I am obsessed with their rings and am convinced that Danial’s needs to be worn by every police officer out there- it is jet black with a neat, thin blue line running through the middle. Hannah’s is a piece of art, as you can tell. They are a beautiful set!IMG_0000 (611)IMG_0000 (617)
Hannah loves her cats and hoped to catch a moment with her before she left for the day.IMG_0000 (643)
IMG_0000 (612)
The kitty was nervous, but helped me check out their rings again!IMG_0000 (677)IMG_0000 (712)IMG_0000 (752)IMG_0000 (921)IMG_0000 (923)IMG_0000 (932)IMG_0000 (953)
This is what my wedding dreams are made of… (don’t mind that I’m already married and had a perfect wedding.. 🙂 )IMG_0000 (956)IMG_0000 (962)IMG_0000 (970)IMG_0000 (974)IMG_0000 (112)IMG_0000 (996)IMG_0000 (1006)
IMG_0000 (165)IMG_0000 (171)

IMG_0000 (354)
IMG_0000 (1194)
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Woolwine! I am so thankful to have been a part of your day!


[baby wash turns 1!]

Everyone, please welcome the McLaren Family. More specifically, baby Washington. I got to celebrate his FIRST birthday with him by taking these photos and I loved every second. IMG_6760IMG_6761IMG_6767IMG_6775IMG_6779IMG_6782IMG_6802IMG_6814IMG_6816IMG_6830IMG_6834IMG_6835IMG_9409What a little ham! Thanks for letting me celebrate and capture this time with you!
Happy Birthday, Wash!

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[Frankie & Lexi]

As per usual, I hardly snap many photos when I am called to be the videographer for a wedding. But I can’t NOT take a few! Let me introduce you to the happy couple, Frankie & Lexi Younge. These ladies are kind and generous, they are inviting and full of life. Their bridal party was full of support, love, laughter and so much fun. There were so many happy tears during their ceremony and reception and I like to think of myself as lucky for being able to attend.
Lexi and Frankie created a Disney Paradise at their reception. Every table was adorned with different themed characters, uniquely made and crafted. There was so much detail at each place setting- they were all beautiful. The aisle that the ladies and their party walked down was lit by candles and flowed across the dance floor. Their card box represented the movie “Up,” they didn’t miss a beat!
Congratulations, girls!IMG_9203