So, as you probably have caught on, I am in full-blown podcasting mode right now and am CONSTANTLY trying to find the most effective resources for the best price in order to make it happen. My podcast is literally a one-man show: I am the —talent– (just kidding), editor, recruiter, the transcriber, content creator and everything between the lines- So having an easy to use, efficient program is essential to me and my podcast. Some of you have reached out and told me that you would love to start your very own podcast, but didn’t know where to even start.

So here it is:

Start with Libsyn and use my code WOODRUFF to get started

(PS, there are some affiliate links in this post)

Libsyn is Legendary for Podcasting

Libsyn has been in the podcasting game since 2001 and is very well known in the podcasting community as a reliable and reputable hosting platform. MANY of the very well known podcasts you and I both listen to are hosted right on Libsyn!

I’ll be honest, though, my initial response to Libsyn was that it was a little bit outdated and felt like I was logging back into my Limewire account from middle school.

podcasting data

Libsyn is Versatile for Podcasters

But alas, Libsyn has literally every single feature a podcaster could want as a podcast host. You can create podcast art in two formats, including widescreen- where you would utilize this on YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is great, so you don’t have to worry about cropped headers or overstretching files. This is essential in the podcasting sharing world!

Libsyn is Responsive for Podcasting

One of the main settings that I, personally, love on Libsyn, is that you can edit any file at any time. There have been a few times that I have uploaded what I THOUGHT to be my final product of an episode and when I review it the day before launch day, I notice the file is corrupt or I grabbed the wrong episode. But not to worry, with just a couple clicks, I can get the right file in place and it will be ready for launch day in just seconds. I never thought there would be so much to learn about podcasting.

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I also really love that each episode tells you where you have also shared your episode. You can opt in to share to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. and it gives you that specific information right below your episode info.

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Libsyn is Customizeable

As someone who loves design and the overall look / aesthetic of a digital space, it’s important to me that I can customize my podcast player- Libsyn does this and I LOVE it. You can make them your own, custom color and have it follow one of their multiple options for formats.

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What questions do you have for about podcasting? Take a few minutes and listen in to the latest episodes of the No Mercy Business Podcast here and give me a 5 star rating!

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