Red Barn Aussies is owned and operated by Trisha and Dan of Deford, MI. Their dogs enjoy a fun-filled life on the farm, surrounded by horses, chickens and plenty of room to run in their country landscape.

Dan & Trisha love raising their Australian Shepherds and aim to find others who enjoy and respect this beautiful breed. They keep their herd small enough to be managed by their household and still be able to invest personal time into each puppy that they raise. Their pups love attention, adventure and being able to run outdoors!

Red Barn Aussies wanted to feature their love of the country life, horses and, of course, their dogs in their farming brand session. Dan, Trisha and daughter, Kennedy, all competitively show and race horses across the United States and plan their litters around their planned travels.

What do you think? Did we manage to convey Red Barn Aussie’s passion for their farm and pups in their branding photoshoot? Which photo is your favorite? Would love to hear your comments below! Check out her business here!

australian shepherd puppies on a bed
man and woman's cowboy boots over hood of truck
australian shepherd puppies on porch
man smiling with horse
teenage girl riding horse and smiling
woman standing in field smiling at horse
man and woman smiling with four australian shepherd dogs
man in hat smiling at woman leaning on fence
man in hat with woman sitting on ground in truck bed with australian shepherd dog

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