Bruce Farms is a farming gem located in Deford, MI. They have grown and raised more than cash crops and beef on their property, as they are a fifth generation farm family. Their story began in 1943 on the same soil that they still turn over today.

The Bruce family takes pride in everything they grow, including cash crops, hay, cattle, goats, and chickens. They make and process goat milk soaps from their own herd and make scents that include peppermint, orange, oatmeal and lavendar-oatmeal. In addition to the aforementioned items, they also make their own elderberry syrup and syrup base from their fresh berries each summer as they ripen.

Bruce Farms wanted a farming brand session that incorporated their lineage of farming and deep connection with the work they do- what a better location than directly in their cattle fields, hay barns and on their treasured tractors? Farming is a labor of love and it is evident with this group just how important each person is in the management of operating a successful farm.

What do you think? Did we manage to convey Bruce Farm passion for their family business and dishing up healthy goods for their customers in their farming brand photo shoot? Which photo is your favorite? Would love to hear your comments below! Check out their business here!

siblings hugging in cattle field
5 generation family farm in cattle field
husband and wife farmers kissing in between silos
white goat peeking through fencing
beef cow snout
ducklings drinking out of pool of water
cattle on generational farm
family farm emu standing in pen
generational farm cattle

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